Image Showcasing 1920's Black Starr & Frost Watch Repair & Restoration. Weekly Before After 35

This Week’s Service: A Vintage 1920’s Watch Restoration

On this Weekly Before & After, we have a Black Starr & Frost Timepiece that dates all the way back to the 1920's! It was in fairly good condition when you take into account it's age, except of course that it was not keeping time anymore. It also had some damage on it's band, and a missing sapphire.

For this repair we had to:
-Special cut, replace, and set a sapphire
-Replace damaged interior parts (mainspring, balance comp.)
-Perform a full clean & overhaul of the movement
-Carefully clean and polish the exterior

Timepieces this old are very delicate, and it should be noted that this was only possible because of the precision and steady hands of our Certified Watchmakers.

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