Peace. Of. Mind.

Want peace of mind with your jewelry and watch repairs?

Use the same process that Sheila does!

We make it simple to provide certified quality jewelry and watch repair services so you can avoid the terrors of the mall and get back to your favorite shows and hobbies.

Here’s how it works.

Place a quick order for jewelry or watch repair work

You can do this on any device. From the latest iphone to ancient desktops!

Simply tell us about your repair. Our easy to follow online form will guide you through describing the repair and repair work needed. Shipping and contact information will be provided.

Send your jewelry and watch repairs to us

With Free Standard Shipping!

Just print your order slip and shipping label, choose your insurance and pack your repair. (We’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to properly pack your repair for safe travel.)

Then, simply schedule a USPS courier pick up or drop your package off at any USPS location near you. Tracking is included to ensure your shipment arrives safely.

Get an estimate and approve the work.

No commitment required.
Image showcasing how it works to utilize the estimate approval after shipping the item in

Our master technicians start by inspecting your fine jewelry or watch to identify necessary repairs. With every inspection, we look for loose stones, worn settings, cracked crystals and more that may affect the integrity, security and beauty of your valuable piece.

Based on our expert inspection, we’ll send you a personalized estimate for the work you request. Once you receive the estimate, you approve only the work you want. It’s totally up to you.

We’ll complete your jewelry or watch repair work

This is where the magic happens.

Our facilities are fully equipped with state-of-the art laser machines, induction welders, environment-friendly polishers, a gem lab and more to complete your precision repair with care.

In a hurry? We do rush orders too!

We’ll ship your jewelry and watches back to you.

Get your jewelry back like new!
Cleaned, polished, tested and shining like new! Now, wasn’t that easy?
Need More Information On The Kind of Repair You Need?
We have you covered! Check out our Services page for more information on everything we can do for you!