Don’t Go DIY with a Watch that Needs TLC

Whether it was expensive or you got it at a bargain, we think your watch deserves a deep amount of respect. This means doing your best to take care of your watch outside of its routine maintenance schedule (which we’ll happily perform this service for you at a competitive rate for all of your watches!). What it doesn’t mean is trying to perform even what you perceive to be a simple watch repair by yourself. Unless, that is, you happen to be a certified watchmaker (if so, would you like a career with

You might not even be aware your watch is broken


Knowing that your watch is broken and knowing what to do with it when it breaks is one of the most vital steps in the watch repair process. You yourself can do a lot of damage just by making a minor misstep or two.

High-end jewelry stores send their stuff to us; we also repair watches for customers on a national level, with facilities on both East and West coasts. If you find yourself watching a video with a guy showing you how to repair a movement and you’ve never done it before, turn it off immediately and send your watch to My Jewelry Repair via fully secured mail.

We Do it All When it Comes to Watch Repair

Need a quartz watch repaired? We’ll test to see if the battery is dead first. If there’s something defective with your watch components or the movement of the watch, we have certified watchmakers who incorporate state-of-the-art technology to treat the underlying problem. We use diagnostic machines that tell us exactly where the watch is malfunctioning.

If there’s something majorly wrong with your quartz watch, we can take the old movement out and replace it. You should never try to do it yourself. Don’t even try to replace the battery if you think it’s dead as this will void your warranty.

The more complicated the watch, the more complicated the repair. Inside a quartz movement could be a variety of parts such as a battery, a coil, and a quartz crystal. Everything inside of a mechanical watch is an intricate moving part. When you get in there on your own, you might be dealing with something like 300 to 500 moving parts — all of which are bound together and affect each other.

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It’s an intricate balance no matter if your watch has a quartz or mechanical movement. Even the slightest error can end up costing you much more money for repair in the end.

Hit the watch on something by not being careful? We see a lot of that. Here are some other reasons our online, mail-in watch repair business stays busy…

Common ways people mess up their watches

  • Don’t play tennis with a dress watch or engage in very physical sports. There’s a reason some watches are called “sports watches,” and some are not. That’s a big reason why we see over half a million watch and jewelry repairs — because people were wearing their valuables when they shouldn’t have been.
  • Did we mention a watch is a very delicate object? Depending on your type of watch, you have to be careful not to do any sort of mechanical work, either, even if it’s in your own garage or home while wearing your watch.
  • You haven’t taken care of your watch. We recommend you take it off while sleeping. Wipe it down once a week during your waking hours. If your watch is water resistant, use an old toothbrush and dip it in some warm water. But proceed with caution, because some water-resistance can wear off and erode over time.
  • Don’t ignore your routine maintenance schedule. Send your watches to for everything from a clean and polish to a complete overhaul. Even if your watch is old, we’ll find the right part or build it ourselves.

Visit today to get fast service and peerless certified watch repair. We can’t wait to make your showcases pieces and the stuff you wear everyday look like new.