(Jewelry and Watch Repair as a Less Obvious Gift Choice)

Sometimes roses and chocolate are right on the money. Sometimes we like to think that people are more complicated than they are. The traditional dinner and surprise, the bouquet, the gift cards, they exist are stereotypes for a reason. They get the job done.

But in this day and age originality gets you a lot of points. Instead of having another carbon copy Valentine’s Day, maybe it’s time to mix it up.

But What About Jewelry Repair by Mail?

This Valentine’s Day My Jewelry Repair would like to encourage our customers and our readership to think outside of the box on this one. If your significant other has a brooch that’s seen better days, a necklace in need of repair, or a timepiece in need of a complete overhaul, we can get the job done. Best of all, you don’t even have to leave your home.

Valentine’s Day by the Numbers

Statistic Brain asserts that our average annual V-day spending reaches $13,290,000,000. Yeah, that’s a lot of coin. But how does the spending break down? Where’s all that sweet, sweet Valentine’s Day money going?

Greeting cards top the charts, raking in 52.1% of the action, followed closely by candy (you know, the chocolates and the colorful hearts) at 47.5%, then flowers at 34.3%. The average number of roses that are produced for Valentine’s Day reaches upwards of 198 million! Jewelry makes up 17.3% of Valentine’s Day purchases. Jewelry repair makes up a portion of that percentage.

Whether it’s Vintage Jewelry Restoration or Refurbishment, Think Twice Before Buying New

Fixing jewelry in need of repair is still a growing industry as more and more people look to save money by refurbishing or repairing their existing jewelry and watches. If you have that special someone who has a piece of jewelry or a watch in need of repair or routine maintenance, then send it on over to My Jewelry Repair.

You could even be real sly about it and send your repair in without your significant other knowing. It’ll be a nice surprise. We have an easy online, mail-in process. Select your repair, print your packing materials, and send your repair to either our East coast or West Coast locations.

My Jewelry Repair provides watch and jewelry repair nation wide, eliminating the hassle and limitations of going through a local shop.

While florists' hands start to cramp up and suffer from thorn pricks, as boxes of signature chocolates come flying off the shelves and into shopping carts, as pink, white, and red teddies sit strapped in passenger seats of cars during lunch breaks, it’s important to look for less obvious ways to make your statement of love this Valentine’s Day. It’s closer than you think and the time to act is now. Instead of getting flowers or thoughtlessly buying a gift certificate to the massage parlor or a day at the spa, think about making a bolder statement.

Are You Planning an Engagement Soon?

Why not make it on Valentine’s Day? It’s not like you have to celebrate your engagement every year, so it’d be different than getting married on Valentine’s Day -- which, hey, that’s not such a bad idea, either. It’s an economical choice for couples just starting to build their life together. Plan a gondola ride or a nature hike and profess your love to that special someone. It will make this Valentine’s Day that much more special. In fact, it’s sure to be the best ever. If you plan on making the engagement real, My Jewelry Repair offers ring sizing services, including ring sizing beads, spring shanks, arthritic, half, and full shanks. Whether the engagement ring is brand new, or if it’s a family heirloom, our master jewelers can handle the job.

Is There a Watch in Your Life that Isn’t Working Out?

Instead of ending in separation, send your dysfunctional watch to My Jewelry Repair. It’s a fantastic gift for Valentine’s Day, come to think of it. Do you have a loved one who in turn loves a watch, a watch that doesn’t work properly or fit properly? We have certified watchmakers, expert craftsmen who can perform the following watch repair services and more: Don’t see what you need here? Give us a call at (909) 204-5266, because it’s likely we can handle it. Make this Valentine’s Day count with My Jewelry Repair. From watches to engagement rings, from earrings to necklaces and pendants, we have the personnel, the expertise, and the precision tools to get any jewelry or watch repair done the right way the first time around.
Heart Shaped Diamond

Heart-shaped diamonds are among the hardest to shape, requiring the most dexterously skilled cutters, so much so that the ideal is to achieve a unique 59-faceted cut. They are among the most popular in engagement and promise rings, resembling a pear-shaped cut, but actually closer to a modified round brilliant cut. They’ve been around for centuries, and they’ve stayed relevant.

The best stones to make a heart-shaped diamond out of are stones that go from narrow to fat, in case you ever plan on fashioning one yourself. We’re sure there’s a DIY video on it somewhere. If DIY isn’t your thing, leave it to the professionals.

A Heart-Shaped History

Heart-shaped diamonds have been around since before 1463, at which time the first one ever was requested/recorded on paper, addressed in a letter to Nicodemo from the Duke of Milan, Galeazzo Sforza — a famous name from a famous family of the Italian Renaissance, patrons of master artists like Leonardo Da Vinci. The fact that the heart-shaped diamond is mentioned casually might lead a reader to deduce that these were fairly common.

From that point forward, heart-shaped diamonds continued to stay in the headlines with Mary Queen of Scots bestowing one upon Elizabeth I in a stone gold ring.

How Heart-Shaped Diamonds Get their Signature Shine

Heart-shaped diamonds are intelligently designed to shine. With a cone at their base, light can come streaming in like your favorite Netflix show that you shamelessly binged last weekend, filtered through gem facets. The best type of stone to use is the macle stone, which are twin crystals, particularly useful for fancy cuts, like modified brilliants. Fancy-cut crystals are highly recognizable by their brilliance, their ability to shine.

Heart Shaped Diamond

Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring Settings

Heart shaped diamonds are still popular today, many times housed in rings, enjoyed by the likes of Lady Gaga and Joan Collins. There are three optimum ring settings for heart-shaped diamonds:

  • Bezel — This is the most secure setting, wrapping itself completely around the stone.
  • Three-Pronged — Maximize your diamond’s qualities with this setting, which allows more light to filter through the stone itself.
  • Five-Prong — This setting is better for larger stones. Giving your loved one a big ol’ rock? Five-pronged is the way to go.

My Jewelry Repair Helps Your Love Shine Brighter

If your heart-shaped stone is anything less than 100%, send it to My Jewelry Repair today. If you act now, we can get your ring repaired, your stones replaced and looking brand new before Valentine’s Day. Visit MyJewelryRepair.com today to get your repair started with our online mail-in service.

My Jewelry Repair Fixes All Jewelry and Most Watch Types by Mail

The holiday season is a time of year when we’re thinking of others instead of ourselves (in ideal cases, anyways). That might mean working extra hours to purchase that perfect gift for that special someone. It might mean buying your Dad that fishing rod he always stops to look at when he’s venturing through the sporting goods store. Or, it could also mean repairing or refurbishing an existing item, like a watch or a piece of jewelry (didn’t see that one coming, did you?).

Popular services we offer for the holiday season:

  • Ring Sizing
  • Watch Repair
  • Watch and Jewelry Restorations
  • Engravings
  • Clean & Overhauls

Maybe it’s your Dad’s watch with a damaged mechanical movement. Maybe it’s your Mom’s favorite set of sapphire earrings that have a missing stone or broken earring post. To repair such treasured for your loved ones, that’s truly a gift that will keep on giving.

We know how it is. People have a watch that works, then it doesn’t. Instead of repairing said watch, the inclination is to just go purchase a new one. Then that defunct watch or piece of jewelry sits in the back of a drawer, living in a solitary confinement of sorts. We’re not talking laptops here. That’s why you don’t see Movado watches clogging up landfills like needless obsolete electronics.

A watch belongs on a person’s wrist. A watch is meant to tell time. A necklace is made to be worn. That’s a big reason why we love what we do, and it shows through our work at MyJewelryRepair.com.

Ring Sizing for the Holidays

Show that special someone how good of a listener you are by getting that ill-fitting ring resized that they’re always complaining about. Pack that ring up and send it on over to My Jewelry Repair — we have both East and West coast operations to serve our customers at a national level. We do over half a million jewelry repairs annually, and we grow every year based on over 30% repeat business.

For more information about ring sizing, our process, and interesting tips, check out our full breakdown!

Not Only Do We Repair Your Jewelry, We Make it Look Like New

Cleaning, polishing, and complete jewelry restorations made easy on the consumer. Print your packing slip, pack your repair, and arrange for courier pickup so you never have to leave the comfort of your home to get the watch and jewelry repairs you need. Even if you need a ring resized, we can help. We’ll take special considerations for each piece and use original parts whenever we can. If we’re unable to use original parts, we’ll have the part custom made for your piece. Don’t see the repair you need on our website? Give us a call because it’s likely we can do whatever you need.

Watches and jewelry are made to stand the test of time. But they need care and maintenance along the way. That’s where My Jewelry Repair comes in. Click the button below to get your jewelry or watch repair started. And happy holidays to one and all!

We all know about wedding season. Most weddings occur in summer or early fall. But did you know that there is also an engagement season? The numbers don’t lie. Roughly a third of all wedding engagements take place in November and December. The Weddington Way survey asserts that 30% of the year’s engagement activity occurs during the holiday season, which is why MyJewelryRepair.com would like to take a moment to talk about ring sizing.

Engagements by the Numbers

The average age of engagement throughout the United States for men is 28-29, while women stand at 26-27 — no surprise; women do mature faster than men, after all. It doesn’t matter what age you are; if you’re thinking of popping the question or think that special someone has the words “will you marry me” right on the tip of their tongue, it’s important to get the ring size right. Of course, you want to get it right the first time around, which is why you should send your engagement ring to My Jewelry Repair through our convenient online mail-in service.

The My Jewelry Repair Difference

The most common ring size for men and women is 10 and 7, respectively. If you’re thinking your one and only might need to size a ring up or down, our master jewelers will do the job to perfection. We use the highest quality joint pieces and perform our resizing in the most conservative way possible, paying close attention to gemstones by removing and resetting them when applicable.

Ring Sizing, Ring Re-Sizing: MyJewelryRepair.com Does it All!

Many times when a jewelry shop doesn’t have the goods to get the job done, they’ll send it to our master jewelers because we have the tools and personnel to get the job done. We’re the ring sizing source your local jeweler uses when they need to bring in a ringer (pun intended).

Think MyJewelryRepair.com This Engagement and Holiday Season

Whether you’re about to ask the biggest question of your life, expecting an engagement proposal, or just thinking rings for the holiday season, we’ll make sure your symbol of eternity, your gift that lasts a lifetime, will fit like a glove. Send your rings to MyJewelryRepair.com this engagement and holiday season to take the headache out of your engagement or holiday shopping process.

More Ring Sizing Info:

Ring Sizing Overview
The Ring Sizing Process
How A Ring’s Design Can Affect Sizing
History of the Engagement Ring

Image showcasing history of diamond engagement ring banner

The First Diamond Engagement Ring

In 1477, the first documented diamond engagement ring was given by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria to his soon to be wife Mary Duchess of Burgundy.

However. it was not until the discovery of diamonds in South Africa in 1866 that diamonds were more available for engagement rings. Even then, only aristocrats and nobles were able to afford them, but as the production of the diamond mines increased, the ability to give and receive a diamond engagement ring became more common.

Painting showcasing Mary of Burgundy receiving the first Diamond Engagement Ring

“A Diamond is Forever”

During the Great Depression, the demand for diamonds dropped as well as diamond prices. DeBeers Consolidated Mines Ltd., hired an advertising agency to help recreate the demand and desire to own diamonds, and in 1947 one of the most recognizable ad campaigns “A Diamond is Forever” was created by copywriter Mary Frances Gerety, linking diamonds and love.

The “A Diamond is Forever” campaign focused on the diamond engagement ring and made diamonds synonymous with love and inspired the world to make diamonds the most popular engagement ring gemstone. So, what is the connection between diamonds and love? Diamonds not only reflect and refract light like no other stone, but are the hardest natural substance known to man. The durability of a diamond is unmatched by any other gemstone, and can last forever, therefore it is the perfect gemstone to represent forever love.

Engagement Rings Today

Recent surveys indicate diamonds are the gemstone in almost 70% of all engagement rings sold. Diamonds come in many different shapes, but the 2 most popular shapes set in engagement rings are the round brilliant cut, and princess cut, and although the diamond is important, 86% of brides say the ring’s overall design is the most important.

Since most people wear their engagement ring every day, protecting the diamond or diamonds is important, and the industry recommends having your engagement ring professionally cleaned, polished, and inspected every six months or at least once a year. The master jewelers at MyJewelryRepair.com can perform the care and maintenance services needed to keep your engagement ring looking as beautiful as it did the day you received it.

Image showcasing Heart Necklace

Heirloom jewelry is more than just a piece of jewelry or an old watch

Heirloom jewelry is defined as jewelry passed down from one generation to the next. Jewelry and watches are one of the most common heirloom items. Grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, and fathers passing heirloom pieces like engagement rings, wedding bands, strands of pearls, pins and watches to the younger members of their families.

Heirlooms can remind us of where we are from, our family history, and sometimes of the people that may no longer be with us. They can be passed down as designated in a will, or from person to person. Wearing or admiring a family heirloom is a wonderful way to honor, appreciate, and think of that someone special that wore the item before us.

I personally had the honor of passing down a watch to each of my father in laws four grandsons after he passed. I had each watch serviced with a professional clean and polish, as well as a new battery, and all four of his grandsons proudly wear one of their grandfathers watches today.

Jewelry and watches can last a lifetime and become a family heirloom with the proper care and maintenance. It is recommended to have an annual professional inspection, clean, and polish on your jewelry items. Our master jewelers, and certified watchmakers at MyJewelryRepair.com can perform the services needed to keep your heirlooms in wearable condition.

The holiday season is the perfect time to pass down a special piece to the next generation, but before you tie a bow around that gift box you may want to have it professionally cleaned and polished so it sparkles and shines as much as the smile on the face of the gift recipient.

MJR Jewelry Specialist and Trainer

Holiday Watch


Christmas is right around the corner. As everyone else gets ready to engage in the holiday shuffle, spending unbearable amounts of time standing in line or talking to seasonal holiday retail employees, you might be looking to do something different. MyJewelryRepair.com would like to encourage you to stray away from the herd and consider using our online, mail-in, certified watch repair service to avoid the holiday stampede this year.

MyJewelryRepair.com Certified Watch Repair is the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

They say it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving. What would be more thoughtful than taking your Mom, Dad, or significant other’s watch and sending it to MyJewelryRepair.com? Do you have a watch lover in your life? Do you know a watch collector who has one tucked away in a jewelry box because it needs a battery replacement, a band, case refinishing, dial repair, or movement replacement? We can help — and you never have to leave your home to get the watch repairs you need.

Routine Battery Replacements and Complete Overhauls

We offer free evaluations once you send in your watch. You choose the repairs you want to do. Once we receive the piece, we’ll go to work. If you know somebody who has a watch that has seen better days, but you know they’ll just ignore the situation, surprise them with a movement cleaning and overhaul, maybe a total watch refurbishment. Seriously, it will be the most memorable gift they’ve had in a long time. You’ll get to witness that person looking at their watch like they did the first time they put it on.

Send in your holiday watch repairs as soon as possible so we can get it back in time for you to slide under the Christmas tree this year.

My Jewelry Repair does Bulova watches, Citizen, Gucci, Tag Heuer, Omega, Swiss Army, TechnoMarine, Seiko, Movado, and more. We do pocket watches, vintage watch repair, as well as solar watch repair. Of course, we also repair and replace quartz and mechanical movements as well.

Anywhere in the country, whether you live in Ohio or Orange County, MyJewelryRepair.com gets it done the right way the first time around. Our master craftsmen and certified watchmakers are here to repair the stuff you wear every day, as well as your showcase watches in need of certified watch repair. Mail in your watch, then leave it to us.

A Detailed Look Into The Ring Sizing Process

Ring Sizing is a practice many people need but one they are often unsure of. If you didn’t know, most new rings are sold in a common size by the majority of retailers: a stock size 7 for ladies and size 10 for men. So unless you are a perfect size 7 or 10, you will likely need to have your ring resized. It’s also not unusual for people to change sizes, like maybe wanting to wear the ring on a different finger. Therefore, from time to time you may need a ring sized up or down. Whatever the reason, ring sizing is a very common practice so there is no need to worry.

Things to Know About Ring Sizing:

All rings have sizing limitations depending on the design. For example, designs with plain shanks, are straightforward and simple. Whereas ornate designs, and rings with patterns that surround the band, are more difficult. The general rule is that a ring can be altered up or down two sizes. But of course, for every rule there are always exceptions, so it is always best to defer to an expert for guidance. For more info on how resizing works for various designs/types click here.

The Breakdown

1) MJR’s Master Jewelers can size Gold, Sterling Silver, Bronze, Brass, Palladium and Platinum. Sterling Silver and Platinum is a metal that not all jewelers can work on, however, ours can.

2) Stainless Steel, Titanium and Tungsten cannot be sized.

3) Ring Sizing should only be achieved by either adding or removing metal to obtain the desired size, and that is exactly what we do. When a ring is sized up or down, the shank will be manipulated to achieve a larger or smaller size. If the ring contains gemstones at the top and on the sides they can become unstable or loose. Our Master Jewelers always examine all aspects of the ring, including the gemstones, to make sure they remain secure and tight.

4) We avoid metal contamination by matching the new metal, and soldering it to the existing ring. We never mix metals e.g. if your ring is made of 14kt gold then we will only use 14kt gold etc.

5) Part of Ring Sizing is to restore the circular shape and then solder it back together. Then completely clean the ring to remove any oxidation caused during the soldering process. The ring is also polished inside and out to smooth its surface and achieve the desired finish. When the job is complete, there should be no indication or visible details that the ring has been resized.

6) If your ring contains gemstones, it may be necessary to remove those gemstones and reset them after sizing. This is because the normal Ring Sizing process introduces heat to the metal that can potentially damage some gemstones. Because of this we use Induction Welders that focus the heat only where needed, and therefore the gemstones are protected and no damage occurs.

7) We use Laser Welders when working on Platinum, since it is the best tool for working on high melting point metals. By fusing the metal molecules together the Laser Welder creates a section just as strong as the original.

Ring Sizing Up

When sizing a ring up, a new piece of metal must be added. This will require the new piece to be soldered to the existing one, and it is very important to get a perfect bond. We use the highest quality precut butt joint pieces, so that we get the perfect fit. As a result we achieve the perfect bond without leaving any visible soldering lines. The method of using precut pieces eliminates thin shanks, and also greatly reduces porosity in the metal and produces an overall better final product. Our ring sizing process incorporates the most exceptional standards for a world class final result.

Image Detailing the Process of a Ring Sizing to Become Larger

Ring Sizing Down

Sizing a ring down is similar to sizing up. When a ring is made smaller, the jeweler must cut out the appropriate amount of metal from the bottom of the ring shank and then join and solder the piece back together.

For more information about our Ring Repair and Ring Sizing Services, please click Here.

Image Detailing a Ring Sizing Down Process

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Vintage Jewelry Restoration Example

Do you have a treasured vintage piece of jewelry that you can’t wear because it needs to be repaired, or it doesn’t fit? Good news, vintage jewelry restoration is one of our specialties at MyJewelryRepair.com. Whether it is a family heirloom that was passed down to you, an old class ring, or something you found at a yard sale or resale shop, we can help restore it to its original beauty.

A professional inspection, clean, and polish service in many cases is all your vintage jewelry needs to be brought back to life. Cleaning the stones, polishing out all the minor scratches, checking the prongs and setting to ensure they are in good condition are just a few of the steps our master jewelers will perform when restoring a vintage jewelry piece. Our master jewelers have years of experience and the state of the art equipment needed to work on your vintage piece.

If you have a damaged or missing stone in your vintage piece, we have an amazing sourcing team to find just the right stone, or in some instances have a stone specially cut for your piece. We not only need to match the color, but also the cut of the stone. The diamonds in many vintage pieces have cuts that are not commonly used today, for example Rose Cut, Old European Cut, or Old Mine Cut, and in some cases, the stones may be synthetic. Synthetic sapphires and rubies can be found in many vintage pieces, this was common in the early 1900’s.

Not only do we restore vintage jewelry and make it look like new again, but if the vintage piece is a ring, it may also need to be sized, and rest assured we can perform that service as well.

Some Examples of Our Work