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Authorized Movado Watch Servicing

When your cherished Movado requires expert care and meticulous repair, entrust it to us, the foremost authority in Movado watch servicing in the United States.

Complimentary Standard Shipping* and Evaluations

You don’t pay anything until you approve a repair or have us send it back to you at no charge.
*Partnered Stores/Manufacturers may have their own requirements for shipping and/or insurance specifications.

A Seamless Online Process for Movado Watch Repair

Our user-friendly online interface facilitates a seamless mail-in process, combining cutting-edge technology with time-honored craftsmanship for a stress-free experience.

How It Works

Place a Request
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Exceptional Care for Movado Timepieces Anywhere in the U.S.

Any Movado, Any Service

Spanning both the east and west coasts, our mail-in Movado watch repair service extends our skilled watchmakers’ expertise to Movado clientele across the nation.

Example of a Movado Watch Repair

Before & After Example #85: Crystal & Case Replacement

Before & After #85 Movado Watch with Chipped Crystal Receiving Premier Crystal Replacement Services

Tailored Services for Movado Enthusiasts

Our services are customized to meet the unique needs of Movado enthusiasts. Whether it’s routine maintenance, intricate repairs, or comprehensive restoration, we handle each task with precision and care. From delicate adjustments to thorough cleaning, your Movado timepiece is treated with the utmost attention.

Access to Genuine Movado Parts

We have a Professional Parts Sourcing Team in place with the sole purpose of finding accurate and Genuine parts. Because of our long history within the industry, we have been given access to Movado parts straight from the manufacturer.

Expertise in Watchmaking

My Jewelry Repair sends its certified watch technicians overseas for training like WOSTEP (Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program). In addition, we constantly recruit and further train our watchmakers so they remain ready for anything.

Our team of Experienced Watchmakers have many Certifications, including:

  • CW21
  • SWATCH Group

Among others, and more still to come! (Learn More)

Your Movado Will Be Restored In Elite Environments

Your watch will be restored in the most ideal conditions for a timepiece possible. Our state-of-the-art service center showcases features that only the best in the watch repair business have access to:

  • NASA Level Clean Rooms
  • Latest Equipment in the Watch Repair Industry
  • Optimal Protection & Security
  • Extensive Natural Light
  • And more!

Each of these elements is essential in order to process the service up to the manufacturer’s specifications of care.

A Quick Look at Movado

Movado was founded and created first as LAI Ditescheim & Freres SA in 1881 in beautiful La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland (we’re not mad if you can’t say that three times fast, either). Settling on Movado (which means “movement” is Esperanto) in 1975, this watch has enjoyed some serious staying power. With their new line of “Connect” smart watches, one can bet that their legacy is intact for years to come.

Proving that watches are sometimes seen as a relic from a bygone era, Movado’s trademark is their iconic, single dot at the 12 position — which many believe symbolizes the sun at its high noon point. Their most popular watch is their “Museum Watch,” which was originally designed by Nathan George Horwitt, who was seriously into Bauhaus.

“Wonder job – Great thanks”

“I’ve had my Swiss Army watch for 19 years & realized the case was worn & it just looked a little shabby. I was referred

Rick Nisley

“The process was easy and painless”

“The process was easy and painless. My watch came back very well packaged and great working order. I would definitely use them again.” Norcross,

John R.

“Like New!!!”

“The service you provided was amazing,when my watch came back it was just like new.I will let everyone know about the service you

Tyrone R

“It came back looking like a brand new watch!”

“I sent in a men’s Ebel Sports Wave watch to have some repairs done to it, the strap adjusted and the clasp made tighter. It

Norman F.

“Battery Replacement Service”

“I am very pleased with the excellent service I have received from this company. I was even impressed that they even took the time to

C. Blaine Burris Jr

” I could not have been more impressed”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Recently I sent you my Bulova watch for cleaning and overhaul. I was unable to find any jeweler in

Robert B.