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We offer free standard shipping* and many additional options of insurance plans to keep your precious package extra safe.
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An Easy, Online Mail-In Process for Dial Refinishing

My Jewelry Repair is dedicated to maintaining the precision and technique necessary for the longevity of your timepiece. As the pioneering online, mail-in service for watch repairs on a national level, we offer our expertise from coast to coast. Whether it’s dial refinishing or comprehensive overhauls, we’ve got all your needs covered.

How It Works

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Modern or Vintage, We’ll Refinish Your Dial

Do you have a modern or vintage watch? Kirk Rich Dial has the expertise to provide the pinnacle in dial refinishing, with specialists equipped and skilled to handle watches made with such precision.

For more information about restoring classic models, please visit Vintage Watch Restoration Services.

Photo showcasing watch being wound up by hand

The Story Continues With My Jewelry Repair & Kirk Rich Dial Co.

In 2022, Kirk Rich Dial Corporation and My Jewelry Repair announced a formal partnership between the two companies in an effort to elevate their craft and expand the reach of dial refinishing. It’s possible that your local shop is already utilizing My Jewelry Repair for watch repairs. Annually, we conduct over 500,000 repairs, with our figures increasing each year. Restoring memories is our guiding principle, and we’ve developed our business to fulfill this mission.

Your Watch Will Be Restored In Elite Environments

Our state-of-the-art dial refinishing lab center showcases features that only the best in the watch repair business have access to:

  • Prep Station
  • Printing Station
  • Closing Station
  • And more!

Each of these elements is essential in order to process the service up to the manufacturer’s specifications of care.

Access to Genuine Parts

Our dedicated Professional Parts Sourcing Team is focused solely on locating precise and authentic components. Our extensive experience in the industry has granted us direct access to parts straight from the manufacturer.

Expertise in Watchmaking

My Jewelry Repair sends its certified watch technicians overseas for training like WOSTEP (Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program). In addition, we constantly recruit and further train our watchmakers so they remain ready for anything.

Our team of Experienced Watchmakers have many Certifications, including:

  • CW21
  • SWATCH Group
Swatch Group Logo

Among others, and more still to come! (Learn More)

” I could not have been more impressed”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Recently I sent you my Bulova watch for cleaning and overhaul. I was unable to find any jeweler in

Robert B.

“It came back looking like a brand new watch!”

“I sent in a men’s Ebel Sports Wave watch to have some repairs done to it, the strap adjusted and the clasp made tighter. It

Norman F.

“Searched All Over Russia/Ukraine for the Parts Needed”

“I do understand that this was harder project given that it’s a vintage Russian movement, but I can’t tell you enough how much it meant

Ed S.

“Their communication is exceptional, as are their repair services”

“I cannot say enough about this company!! I have a 20+ year old Ebel watch, and hesitated to take it to a jewelry store again

Judy B.

“Battery Replacement Service”

“I am very pleased with the excellent service I have received from this company. I was even impressed that they even took the time to

C. Blaine Burris Jr

“Wonder job – Great thanks”

“I’ve had my Swiss Army watch for 19 years & realized the case was worn & it just looked a little shabby. I was referred

Rick Nisley

What is Dial Refinishing

A watch dial is one of the most prominent and visually-striking parts of your timepiece. Even to those who are unfamiliar with the watch game, the watch dial remains one of the most noticeable features when it comes to the overall look of your watch. Many watch connoisseurs might even make a purchase decision based solely on a particular watch dial.

For your convenience, we have created a full guide to the process, which you can visit here: The Dial Refinishing Process