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Authorized Montblanc Repair Services Provided by My Jewelry Repair

Montblanc has partnered with My Jewelry Repair to provide the highest quality of service and care when your Montblanc item needs to be repaired.

The Repair Process

My Jewelry Repair specializes in restoration of any Montblanc items including Writing Instruments, Watches, Leather Goods and Accessories. Although the repair process timing differs depending on the item and repairs needed, the repair process generally takes 2-4 weeks to complete and send back once payment has been authorized.

Please follow the steps below to ensure your Montblanc item is handled with the utmost care:

Step 1- Request a Repair

Create a repair request order through our simple online process. You’ll be able to request a complimentary service kit for certain items (Writing Instruments and Watches) and pay for a shipping label to send the product for repair.

Step 2- Prepare Your Item for Repair

Please ensure the complete instrument is being packaged. Kindly enclose a copy of the corresponding warranty booklet or card and a receipt of purchase with the date clearly shown, if warranty coverage is still applicable. Do not send in the original warranty booklet or card and original packaging. If you have requested a service kit, please follow the instructions in the service kit. Use the shipping label generated from your repair request order. Feel free to take a look at our shipping instructions here.

Step 3 – Ship Your Item for Repair

If you have requested a service kit, please follow the instructions on the service kit. If not, please use your own packaging and ensure your product is well protected. Use the shipping label generated from your repair request order to send the item in for repair.

Step 4 – Receive a Diagnosis and Repair Cost Quote

After receiving your Montblanc item, we will do a careful diagnosis to evaluate the required service needed to restore your item. You will be notified by email with a link to review and approve the cost to provide the required service. If your item is under warranty, no payment is required.

Step 5 – Authorize Payment and Repair Service

The approved service will be completed once the Repair Cost Quote has been approved and a form of payment has been secured through the webform provided by email. In case you refuse the cost estimate, your Montblanc item will be returned to you in the same condition it was received. You will need to pay for the shipping of the item back whether repaired or not repaired.

Step 6 – Process Payment of Repair Service

You will be notified once the repair service is completed and passes through final quality control measures before proceeding with processing of the payment for the repair service. If your item is under warranty, no payment is required.

Step 7 – Delivery of Montblanc Item

Once the payment is processed for the completed repair service, your Montblanc creation will be shipped to you using the shipping label which you have paid for.

Notes about the process:
-My Jewelry Repair is an authorized repair service only, not a reseller of Montblanc parts.
-Shipping and Insurance must be purchased by customer per Montblanc’s specified policies.
-Quotes cannot be approved via email, they must be paid for or declined through our online portal or by phone.
-In order to provide an accurate quote and avoid misleading pricing, we recommend Montblanc items to be evaluated by certified technicians first.
-When sending in your writing instrument for repair/service, please send in the complete instrument for careful diagnosis of the required service for your instrument.

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