Cameos, Gold Chains and New Year’s Bling

What bling will you bring out for the new year? According to Vogue’s The 9 jewelry trends you need to know for Fall/Winter 2019-2020 your heritage rhinestones are making a comeback. Thought your grandmother’s rhinestones weren’t worth the repair? Think again. Statement earrings such as long, dangling rhinestones are trending. Perhaps your pieces are missing stones, or need to be cleaned. That’s a simple fix, and one that can be accomplished within time for those holiday events and parties.

Image showing colored stones that could use the 4 Cs of engagement rings

Mix and Match Those Rhinestone Earrings

Also, feel free to mix and match those vintage pieces that you own. According to the stylists and designers setting runway trends, “earrings were strikingly long, oversized and hung with mismatched adornments.”

In other words, let your creativity and personal taste do the talking at the holidays and in the new year. Mismatched is in. If you’re missing an earring, pair it with an earring from another set. Be brave! Be bold!

Embellish Your Statement Pieces

You can also consider updating your jewelry pieces, for example, by adding colored stones (maybe add a ruby or sapphire to those plain rhinestones that really don’t excite you). Or, add other embellishments such as chain links (also a holiday trend, and trending for 2020).

Dust Off That Cameo and Repair That Broken Chain

Do you have a cameo that you’ve been dying to wear? Now’s the time. Whether it’s a cameo ring or your great-grandmother’s pearls, the look this season is neo-Parisian. The old is new, and the new is old.

You can layer your gold chains for a rich, worn overstated look, or you can pare your jewelry down to one stunning piece such as that cameo you’ve been ignoring at the back of your drawer.

The word is: “We love a good neck mess.” In other words: All of those broken gold or silver chains that you’ve been leaving in knots — well, it may be time to put them back into circulation. This season, less is not more; more is more. Layering chains upon chains around your neck creates that messy, layered look that everyone wants. And the good news is: Precious metals can be replated and repaired so that they shine again.

In short, don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box with your statement jewelry pieces. Just have fun!

If your cameo or another piece of jewelry is not up to snuff to make an appearance this winter season, no problem. Jewelry Repair, and we’ll have it ready in no time.