Writing Instrument Testimonials

My Jewelry Repair®

“It feels and writes better than new.”

“The nib on my Mont Blanc was bent after I dropped it on the floor. I sent it My Jewelry Repair. Shortly after it was repaired and returned, it started leaking ink. I returned it was told it would cost $85 to repair. I protested, saying that it didn’t leak …

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“Heirloom restored”

“Thank you! Magnificent work by your craftspeople. I will recommend you to anyone desiring the best in work. All the best for the coming year! Rod Thomas”

“Gave new life to my dad’s pen”

“Since the 1980s, I had my dad’s montblanc 149 pen. It never worked, scratched and chipped. Through the years I check other businesses, but no one would touch this quality pen. I saw an ad for my jewelry repair and decided to send it off. I was very glad I …

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