Before & After #36

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Before & After #36 10ky Gold Ring with Two Missing Gemstones

A Ring With Two Missing Stones

On this edition of the Before & After Series, we have a misshapen 10ky gold ring with two gemstones that were missing and needed to be replaced.

This ring came into our facility with a bit of wear and tear, so our Master Jewelers were not only determined to replace the gemstones, but to restore the piece back to its pristine condition.

For this ring repair, we had to:

  • Supply two new stones per ring owner’s approval
  • Reshape the ring
  • Set the new sourced out stones
  • Finish with a professional clean and polish

Some customers are fortunate enough to still have the gemstones that fall out of their pieces, although it was unfortunate that the owner of this ring did not. In the case that you do still have the gemstones, we can provide a gemstone resetting service to repair your jewelry’s setting and make sure the other stones don’t fall out as well.

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Before #36 Unique Gemstone Setting with Gold Ring Prior to Premier Ring Restoration Services


After #36 Gold Ring with Unique Stone Setting Serviced and Restored by Master Jewelers

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Before & After #36