Before & After #60

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Before & After #60 Vintage Longines Timepiece Receiving Premier Watch Restoration Services

A Vintage Watch Clean & Overhaul

On this edition of the Before & After series, we have a vintage Longines timepiece that required a full Clean & Overhaul.

For this watch repair and restoration process, we had to:

  • Replace the of worn interior parts and gaskets
  • Perform a thorough interior cleaning of the movement with an adjustment of parts
  • Provide a stem & crown replacement
  • Pressure test the restored timepiece to make sure all parts were secure
  • Finish off with a professional timepiece clean & polish

The most difficult aspect of this repair had to do with sourcing the parts, but our Professional Parts Sourcing Team has great contacts. On top of that, our Certified Watchmakers possess the skills, tools, and Watch Repair Service Center needed to fully and professionally service timepieces at this high of a caliber.

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Before #60 Vintage Longines Watch Timepieces Prior to Complete Overhaul by Certified Watchmakers


After #60 Vintage Longines Watch Timepieces Serviced and Restored in Watch Repair Service Center

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Before & After #60