Sotheby’s Auction in Hong Kong Features 118.88-Carat Burmese ‘Royal Blue’ Sapphire

In the second week of October Sotheby’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels sale (held on October 7th) is set to kick off. This event features exceptional colored gems that are sure to take center stage at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in which the event is to be held.

The 118.88-carat Burmese “Royal Blue” sapphire is one of the featured items up for auction, unheated and mounted on an exquisite diamond pendant.

The sapphire is cushion-shaped and features zero indications of heating — not to mention any other treatment, and this is according to the prestigious and reputable Gübelin Gemological Laboratory.

What’s the Big Deal About Royal Blue, Though?

“Royal Blue” is a term used within the jewelry trade which indicates an attractive and well-saturated blue color.

“Depth of color, combined with a high clarity and brilliance, all contribute to the beauty of the gem,” the Gübelin Gemological Laboratory states.

Random Factoid:

The Burmese Royal Blue Sapphire also contains the numbers “888” in its weight — this is an incredibly lucky number as far as Chinese culture is concerned.

Don’t you feel like you’re getting luckier just by reading this?

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