Fall Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for Women

Fall fashion doesn’t have to be a perplexing thing, when it comes down to it, and My Jewelry Repair is here to help you fine-tune your Fall aesthetic, which will help you show off your stylish side during a season where we all have the opportunity to spread our wings a little bit when it comes to our wardrobe.

Below, we go over a few Fall fashion Dos and Don’ts that will help steer you in the right direction and have you pulling off elegant looks during the autumn season.

Instead of buying into the latest fashion trends you might see gracing the runways of socially-distant Fall fashion shows, you might want to consider opting for more classic items that really never go out of style.

Chasing trends can have you spending tons of money upfront and leave you high and dry after a single season of use. Trends come and go, so that trendy jacket, boot, or jeans you might have bought last year might not be so hot this year. Steer clear of tempting trendiness.

Choosing more classic items that don’t go out of style will ensure we can enjoy our Fall fashion choices for the long haul

DO Have a Fall Footwear Plan

Having a pair of knee high boots never hurt no one. It’s a good idea to incorporate the Fall season into your feet. Fluffy boots are always fun, too, and they’ll keep your feet warm when you’re on that PSL run early in the morning. Picking up a pair of sweet hiking boots will help you stay stylish, even if your crew decides to get in some nature time.

DON’T Overdo it with Your Scarf Selection

Scarves are lovely — we get it! But instead of using your scarf as a centerpiece, let your outfit speak for itself. Have a more sleek, slender, and understated scarf that will delicately accentuate your bold new Fall looks, instead of stealing any shine.

DON’T Forget Fall Jewelry

Fall jewelry might include Fall-inspired pendants and/or brooches, not to mention bastille necklaces with links that get larger where they hang in the front, accentuating and illuminating in the process.

Skinny wave link bracelets might also be a good choice during the autumn season — see if you can find one that incorporates the colors, patterns, and essences of the Fall season.

DO Include Fall Watchwear

Having a strong watch game during the Fall season will also behoove just about any fashionable gal. Earth tones are your friend during the Fall, and you can even opt for suede-textured dials that give your wrist a Fall-friendly feel.

 My Jewelry Repair is here to help you accessorize, even during the Fall season. One huge part of staying stylish during the Fall is making sure that your watches and jewelry are in tip-top shape, no matter the season. We have the tools and techniques to help your jewelry and watches truly shine year-round. Contact us today to learn about our easy, online, mail-in process.