Commemorating the Gift of Friendship

At My Jewelry Repair we realize that the gift of true friendship is beyond value. However, some of us try to quantify a great friendship through gifts and meaningful gestures — not to mention being a good friend first and foremost.

What Makes a GREAT Friend?

But what is a great friend REALLY?

A great friend is someone who you can confide in and will strike the perfect balance of listening and providing sagely advice. After all, most people are generally better at giving advice than taking it. But a best friend takes it to the next level by giving you the sort of advice that they’d like to receive themselves. A best friend would never steer you wrong.

A great friend will let you know the harsh truths and gently remind you when you’re being untrue to yourself. A great friend will also help bring out the best in you and bring you out of a funky mood.

How to Commemorate a Special Friendship

So, maybe you’re wondering how to show your great friend how much you value their friendship? Your best friend has been with you through thick and thin. They’ve listened to thousands of hours of you venting. So, it makes sense to get them a little something something as a way to acknowledge them.

One great way to commemorate a great friendship/relationship is through jewelry.

Friendship bracelets are still a thing, yes, and friends across the globe still use friendship bracelets when the occasion/relationship calls for it.

Friendship bracelets can come in all materials. We all remember snap-on bracelets, Velcro and nylon bracelets, but bracelets made of precious metals and decorated with gemstones will surely stand out from other offerings. Gold, silver, and platinum bracelets are more affordable than you might think, too, and there are usually options at jewelers and jewelry shops that fit a wide variety of budgets.

Let’s not forget that necklaces, pendants, heart charms, and other forms of jewelry are also awesome options when you’re looking for a special gift for your bestie.

Showing Your Best Friend How Much You Appreciate Them

No matter what you decide to gift your best friend, whether it’s for a birthday or for the holiday season, chances are it’s going to need routine maintenance here and there.

Another way you can show your best friend that you care is by introducing them to My Jewelry Repair’s easy online jewelry repair and maintenance service — we’ve been contactless before it was all the rage.

All you have to do is select the repair you or your cherished friend needs, then we send you all the required packing essentials. Choose your level of insurance and send your piece of jewelry to us. We go over a free estimate and let you know what we think needs to get done, and you get to pick and choose the jewelry repair or maintenance services you need accordingly. We don’t do any work unless you approve it first!

We also repair men’s and women’s watches; in case you’d like to take your friendship gift-giving to the next level. We have certified watchmakers and master jewelers at our facilities on the East and West coast for your convenience.

Contact My Jewelry Repair today and let’s get started! And here’s to you and your one-of-a-kind friendship.