Before & After #134

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Before & After #134 of a Girard-Perregaux Watch Dial Restored and Serviced

An Extreme Dial Refinishing Case

Our best watch-related before and after transformations usually involve dial refinishing services, as it is the most visually apparent and satisfying. This Girard-Perregaux ladies watch dial came into our facility pretty recently in dire need of a dial refinishing. This was definitely a job for our authorized service partner, Kirk Rich Dial Co, who is located right next to our Watch Repair Service Center.

If you take a look closely at the design, you can see that one of the hour markers is missing, which was specifically requested by the owner of the dial to have that replaced.

  • Remove the existing figures on the dial itself (hour markers, numbers, etc.)
  • Polish the dial face to remove any rust and corrosion
  • Brush and apply metal plating to restore the original color followed by the desired dial finish
  • Dry under a heat lamp and apply the correct dial template and die for the “Girard-Perregaux” print
  • Reattach the figures with the additional requested hour marker

There are many dials such as this one that get restored by Kirk Rich Dial Co., who has mastered as they have been the leading name in the dial refinishing trade since 1926. They take pride in their work and also have the largest collection of original plates in the United States. Kirk Rich Dial’s dial refinishers will make your watch face look like it did when you first purchased it, and can even add more modifications per your request!

If you would like to learn more about the dial refinishing process, feel free to visit our blog: “What is Dial Refinishing?

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Before #134 Girard-Perregaux Watch Dial Prior to Premier Timepiece Dial Restoration Services


After #134 of Girard-Perregaux Watch Dial Restored by Certified Watchmakers and Dial Refinishers

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