Accutron Watch Repair

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Accutron, a Bulova brand watch, offers diverse styles and is synonymous with elegance, irresistible charm, and undeniable grace.

Bulova Accutron offers precise time that comes in a compact package — and My Jewelry Repair offers watch repair from certified watchmakers specializing in Accutron.

A Little Bit of Accutron History

Accutron watches have been keeping time since 1960, moving into the 21st century by incorporating modern modes and flair. Accutron can go wherever you go and look amazing doing it. Your Accutron watch will help you keep time in the rainiest weather — water-resistant to varying depths.

You can run, swim, golf, play tennis — Accutron markets itself as a watch that accommodates an active lifestyle. But what happens when unforeseen accidents occur, not to mention inevitable wear and tear.

Even Reliable Watch Brands Go Through Wear and Tear

Since every second counts, we know it’s important to make sure that your Accutron keeps precise time. My Jewelry Repair provides a full range of watch repair and watch maintenance services that will keep your Accutron running strong, no matter the model or style.

No More DIY Watch Repair

Don’t resort to YouTube to take a crash course in something that takes decades to master. DIY repairs yield DIY results — which can often be catastrophic and irrevocable, even if you’re just trying something simple, like a battery replacement.

Our Process is Simple

Choose the watch repair you need then print your shipping label. All you have to do is pack your Accutron watch and arrange USPS carrier pick-up if you desire easy, at-home service. Routine repairs and maintenance services can usually be performed within 5-7 business days — depending on part availability and sourcing. Once we do our expert repairs, we’ll send your Accutron back to you, running and looking just like new.

Visit today to learn more about our process. Get the Bulova Accutron watch repair you need without dealing with lines, crowds, or mall madness.

We Charge Less AND Offer Free Shipping performs work of the highest caliber in the industry, yet it doesn’t affect our price point. We run a lean operation that allows us to expand each year in the most efficient way possible, which never comes at a cost to our customers. Yes low cost never has to mean low expertise; many of your local watchmakers and Bulova watch repair shops already send the work they cannot perform to us anyway.

Contact today to get started. We’ll walk you through an easy online, mail-in process that will have your Bulova back to you in showcase form.

Examples of our Bulova Watch Repair Services

Before & After #28 of a Vintage Bulova Watch Restoration

This 1947 Bulova watch needed a clean, overhaul, adjust on the movement, as well as crystal and band replacement.
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Before & After #39 of a Vintage 1967 Bulova M7 Watch Timepiece Restored with Premier Services

A Bulova Accutron Watch from 1970 that required a full restoration on both the interior and exterior.

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Before & After #87 1970 Bulova Accutron Timepiece Receives Premier Vintage Watch Restoration

This vintage 1967 Bulova M7 was badly scratched, had a missing crystal, and had heavy rust and corrosion.

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