Sears Jewelry Repairs

My Jewelry Repair®

Sears National Authorized Repair Provider

Whether you have a Sears plan or not, your Sears’ fine jewelry and watches will have access to the highest caliber of jewelers and watchmakers, from anywhere in the United States!

Sears Care Plan Information

My Jewelry Repair is Sears’ National Authorized Repair Provider. Your Sears Care Plan was purchased from Sears and Sears is the Obligor of your Sears Care Plan agreement.

If you have questions about the terms of your Sears Care Plan coverage or exceptions to your coverage, replacement of items, plan cancellations or Sears Care Plan redemption, please contact the Sears store where you purchased your plan or any Sears location.

To Create A Sears Care Plan Order

Before you can place a Sears Care Plan Order, you will need your:

  • Sears Care Plan Number
  • Purchase Date
  • Purchase Price

All of which can be found on your receipt!

Don’t Have a Sears Care Plan?

No problem! We can still repair any and all jewelry from Sears without a care plan.

How It Works:

Our online mail-in service makes it easy for you to send your items to one of our facilities, where they will be serviced by Master Jewelers and Certified Watchmakers.

Place a Request for Your Item’s Repair

Be sure to select “Sears” under authorized partners while creating your order.

Send Your Item to Us

Shipping and insurance is provided by Sears, as well as a free evaluation and repair quote once your item is in our care.

Get a Repair Quote

As soon as we get your approval, we will begin the repair of your jewelry or timepiece.

Enjoy Your Time While We Handle the Rest

Our certified watchmakers and master jewelers do their best to repair and restore your items as quickly as possible, while also maintaining our premier standard of repair service.

Receive Your Item at Your Door

We will ship your newly restored timepiece or ring to your desired location as soon as it has completed its repair services.

Ready to Restore Your Sears Item?

More Information On My Jewelry Repair

Feel free to visit any of the links below for more information on My Jewelry Repair and how We Restore Memories!