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Peridot, Spinel & Sardonyx, the Birthstones for August

Peridot Spinel Sardonyx Gemstones August Birthstones Featured Image

The Birthstones of August: Peridot, Spinel & Sardonyx Most of the months out of the year have only one or two birthstones. Luckily for the August babies, it has three! The official birthstones for August are peridot, spinel, and sardonyx, which each have their own unique history, symbolism, and personality. Here’s everything you …

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Ruby and Onyx, the Birthstones for July

THE ULTIMATE BIRTHSTONE GUIDES Discover the gemstones of your birth month with the Ultimate Birthstone Guides! From January to December, uncover the knowledge of your modern and traditional birthstones that you probably never knew existed. The Birthstones of July: Ruby and Onyx We have good news for all those who …

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The Ultimate Emerald Guide

Image Showacsing Luxury Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Green with Envy Over Emeralds Emeralds are popular and well-known for their vibrant (and vibrantly green) appearance. The green color you see results from a combination of unique elements and occurrences that happen naturally. There’s a reason why emeralds are a favorite gemstone across the globe — their dazzling color. …

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The Ultimate Sapphire Guide

Restored Fine Jewelry Diamond Sapphire Gemstone Ring in Flower

Stunning Sapphires Sapphires are typically thought of as blue, but this amazing gemstone comes in a variety of hues. Sapphires are also very close to diamonds on the Moh’s Hardness Scale as well. appearance, these gemstones are desirable to use while crafting fine jewelry. Sapphires have been sought after pretty …

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The Ultimate Ruby Guide

Rubies Red as a Rose Rubies are the gemstone of love, as you can probably guess. Ironically, rubies are known for their hardness and range in color from pink to red. Depending on the culture, rubies have a variety of symbolic meanings, including bringing luck, providing healing properties, and enhancing …

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