Before & After #129

Image Showcasing Before & After #129 Of Pearl Stud Earrings Receiving Premier Gemstone Replacement Services

Before & After Series Protecting Your Pearls Proper care for your pearls is very important since they are an organic gemstone that is vulnerable to acid, alkaline and extremes of humidity. Unfortunately, this diamond and pearl piece did not survive what circumstances that it had to go through, and the …

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Pearls, Alexandrites, & Moonstones, the Birthstones for June

Image Showcasing June Birthstone Pearl Alexandrite Moonstone Gemstone Rings

The Birthstones of June: Pearls, Alexandrites, and Moonstones June is one of three months that has three birthstones! The month of June is known to have three birthstones, which are Pearls, Alexandrites, and Moonstones. Each of these gemstones together gives any person born in June a wide variety of options …

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Mikimoto – The Inventor of the Cultured Pearl

Mikimoto The Inventor of the Cultured Pearl Featured Image

The Origin of the Cultured Pearl Why is there a need for cultured pearls? Natural pearls are very rare and extremely valuable, only one oyster in forty may contain a pearl. A natural pearl starts as a foreign particle (a pebble, a fragment of a shell, or a grain of …

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