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Image Showcasing Before & After #129 Of Pearl Stud Earrings Receiving Premier Gemstone Replacement Services

Protecting Your Pearls

Proper care for your pearls is very important since they are an organic gemstone that is vulnerable to acid, alkaline and extremes of humidity.

Unfortunately, this diamond and pearl piece did not survive what circumstances that it had to go through, and the owner had to send in their pearl earrings our way. However, the matching piece was fortunate enough to have the other pearl still attached!

Image Showcasing Side Before #129 of Diamond and Pearl Stud Earrings Needing Restoration Services

The owner was also lucky to still have the loose pearl in hand, so our Master Jewelers were able to fix this in no time.

For this repair, we had to:

  • Reshape the earring posts
  • Provide a new pair of earring backings that were missing
  • Perform a gemstone resetting for the loose pearl
  • Finish off with a Clean & Polish and a Rhodium Coating

And this pair of earrings looked as good as new! You can also take note that the earrings also did not come with the backings, and our Professional Parts Sourcing Team were able to provide the set a pair to be complete once again. We hope the owner of these pearls were as happy as we were seeing the final results!

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Image Showcasing Before #129 Side View of Pearl Stud Earrings Sent in to My Jewelry Repair
Image Showcasing Before #129 Front View of Pearl Stud Earrings Needing Pearl Gemstone Replacement and Resetting


Image Showcasing After #129 Side View of Pearl Stud Serviced by Master Jewelers
Image Showcasing After #129 Front View of Pearl Stud Earrings Transformation

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Before & After #129