Before & After #85

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Before & After #85 Movado Watch with Chipped Crystal Receiving Premier Crystal Replacement Services

Movado Chipped Crystal Repair

On this edition of the Before & After Series, we have a black Movado watch with a chipped crystal.

For this repair, we had to:

  • Provide a proper Watch Crystal Replacement Service
  • Replace the Case, as the parts for this model work together
  • Monitor the timepiece for 72 hours to ensure the watch is functioning properly
  • Finish off with a signature Clean & Polish

Luckily for this customer, My Jewelry Repair is the authorized repair service that has your back for when your Movado watch needs quality care and repair. We specialize in Movado Watch Restoration, Movado Watch Maintenance, and Movado Watch Repair!

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Before #85 Movado Watch Prior to Receiving Watch Crystal Replacement


After #85 Movado Timepiece Receiving Authorized Crystal Replacement Services by Certified Watchmakers

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Before & After #85