Extreme Engagements

Extreme Engagements might as well be its own show and, well, it turns out the subject was actually explored in a Netflix series made in 2019.

Below, My Jewelry Repair discusses some extreme engagement scenarios of our own. We’d like to caution anyone planning to pop the question in an unorthodox way to read this handy-dandy article beforehand, in case you have any burgeoning bad ideas.

The Old Sports Event Engagement

We’re going to cover this one first because it’s done so often — and it’s still being practiced to this day. Although it might seem like an amazing idea to ask that special someone to spend their rest of their life with you during the two-minute warning or before or after an amazing buzzer-beater, but maybe it’s a better idea to leave the glory to the players on the field or on the court.

Sky Diving

If you’re headed skydiving, it might not be a good idea to bring that engagement ring along. First of all, there’s a lot that can go wrong with it, whether it’s on the ground, in the plane, or while free-falling. We’re not saying that skydiving isn’t amazing, but maybe it’s just something to enjoy in and of itself. We’re not necessarily fans of putting jewelry or those who wear it in any sort of precarious situation, although we specialize in dealing with the aftermath — at least when your jewelry or watches take a spill.

Extreme Stunt Proposals

If you’re the daredevil type, it might not be a good thing to bring into your engagement plan. First of all, if you’re doing a stunt, whether it’s lighting yourself on fire for some reason, jumping a full-length bus on a motorcycle, or taking it to the vert ramp for your proposal, any one of those scenarios can go horribly wrong if the stunt goes anything less than 100% right.

Deep Dive Engagements

Although telling someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with them is considered taking a deep plunge of sorts, if you’re thinking Scuba Adventure when it comes to your proposal blueprint, we’d caution against that. You don’t want to lose your engagement ring in the deep blue sea do you?

My Jewelry Repair: Extremely Good at Ring Repair

Whether it’s a wedding band, an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or an anniversary ring, My Jewelry Repair handles it all. We have an easy online mail-in process that you have to experience to believe. We’re here if your extreme proposal didn’t go quite as planned and can help with any ring repair you might need along the way.

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