Solving The “Watch Repair Near Me” Problem

As more and more consumers begin to opt for “contact free” services, typing in “Watch repair shops near me” into that search bar might be a thing of the past.

Why ‘Watch Repair Near Me’ Might Be a Limited Option

Many businesses are choosing to go zero contact, whether it’s for that pizza delivery or for certified watch and/or jewelry repair.

“But how do I find contactless watch repair near me?” You might be asking…

My Jewelry Repair provides a simple, mail-in watch and jewelry repair and routine maintenance solution that has been helping our customers get the technical services they need from the comfort of their own home before times of global pandemic. We’ve been doing our thing since 2016 — and we’re brilliantly suited to withstand the elements of an uncertain world. Our aim is to help your timepieces and jewelry withstand the elements as well, standing the test of time in the process, shining through the ages.

When Watch Shops Near Me Might Not Be Available to You…

If you’re tired of searching watch repair shops near me, just visit our user-friendly website where you can get your repair or routine maintenance process started that same very day.

When it comes down to it, a lot can go wrong with a watch — a watch is an intricate piece of machinery that has to strike a perfect balance in order to function properly and continue to function properly over time. Some watches are more finicky than others. Some watches are built to withstand warzones and jet speeds, while others are only meant to be worn for a night on the town and nothing besides.

What Exactly Can Go Wrong with Your Watch?

If you’re a seasoned watch collector, it’s likely that you’ve dropped one of your watches (or multiple) at least once. The simple mistake of dropping your watch can damage the glass or the movement, leaving behind considerable damage.

If you’ve been winding or setting the time on your watch while it’s still on your wrist, you could be risking damaging the crown or over-winding the watch.

If your watch has a screw-down crown, then it’s important to be careful when closing it, otherwise the crown can jam and cause permanent damage. Even a crown slightly out of alignment can allow water or moisture inside of the watch, which will exacerbate the damage.

Steer clear of starting a chronograph underwater, which might let water get into the case. If you’re going to be timing underwater, this should always be done with a unidirectional bezel — never do it with the chronograph, or you’ll be typing “expert watch repair near me,” in that search bar again.

Even something like entering a magnetic field can jeopardize the watch escapement, which regulates watch oscillations and is instrumental in helping keep proper time. Steer clear of putting your watch on radios, speakers, cellphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Not all watches are created equal in this regard. Some watches have higher anti-magnetic features and are labeled with a higher and more distinguished Gauss rating. A Gauss is a unit that is used for measuring magnetism. As more and more watch brands get more advanced with their technology, alternative, non-magnetic watch materials are being used inside of watch movements.

Incomparably Secure

My Jewelry Repair provides a supremely secure online-based jewelry and watch repair service. Customers can also choose their level of insurance coverage and stay up to date with tracking as well as comprehensive communication with our team throughout your watch repair. Our master jewelers and certified watchmakers always ensure our customers receive the best possible service available in the industry. Restoring memories is our motto and we have built our business around reaching this end for each and every customer… repair after repair.

Contact My Jewelry Repair for Watch Repair Near Me… Nationwide!

Find out today why national department store chains, major jewelry retailers, not to mention brand-name watch manufacturers have come to trust us with even their most cherished customer watch repairs. My Jewelry Repair helps service over 3000 retail locations across the nation and counting. We complete over half a million repairs annually to customer satisfaction. Contact us to get started today!

For more information about our watch repair services, please visit: Watch Repair Services.

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  1. i JUST RETIRED FROM my employer who presented me with a Bulova 98C127 watch . However I need to have the watch band adjusted to fit correctly on my wrist. Where can go to get this adjusted? I live in Defiance, Ohio.

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