Before & After #115

Before & After Series
Before & After #115 of a Bueche Girod Watch with a Tri-Gold Woven Band Getting Serviced

Restoring Flaky Golden Goodness

On this edition of the Before & After, we have a Bueche Girod Watch with a Tri-Gold Woven Band that was in need of a Vintage Mechanical Movement overhaul, as well as a clean and dial refinish to ensure it would leave our facility in tip-top shape.

For this repair we had to:

  • Clean, oil, and adjust all salvageable parts
  • Replace all worn or missing internal parts (mainspring, balance complete, barrel arbor, hour wheel, mainplate, escape wheel, center wheel, and crown)
  • Recreate the Vintage Mechanical Movement
  • Perform a dial refinishing since the logo/branding were missing from the dial
After #115 of a Bueche Girod Watch Receiving Premier Watch Restoration Services
Before #115 with Isolated Watch Movement Parts

The service was then completed with a complimentary Clean and Polish, leaving the restored timepiece as spotless and stunning as it was 30 years ago!

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Before #115 of a Bueche Girod Swiss Watch Prior to Getting Serviced
Before #115 of Broken Down Bueche Girod Watch Timepiece parts


After #115 of a Watch Timepiece Received Premier Watch Restoration Services by Certified Watchmakers
After #115 Side Angle of Fully Restored Watch Timepiece

That’s All Folks!

Thank you for taking the time to visit the latest addition to our Before and After Series! Don’t worry, we will be showcasing many more of our major transformations very soon.

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Before & After #115