Standard Jewelry & Watch Repair Timelines

My Jewelry Repair®

A Jewelry & Watch Repair Timelines Guide

Navigating through the repair process of your treasured jewelry and watches need not be overwhelming. At our premier service, we excel in providing a seamless and transparent repair experience, guiding you through the process with elegance and clarity. For your convenience, we have provided a detailed glimpse into the timelines for your repair needs, from simple battery replacements to the intricate restoration of your treasured jewels.

Timeline Service Notes

  • Each repair’s timeline is tailored to the specific service required, ensuring a personalized approach to your needs.
  • Our guide reflects standard timelines; however, exceptional cases involving vintage or rare items may demand additional attention and time.
  • The choice of shipping service impacts transit time; our partnerships with USPS, FedEx, and UPS offer various secure and efficient options.
  • Your prompt approval and payment for provided quotes via our online portal are pivotal in advancing the repair process seamlessly.
  • In cases where parts are sourced from overseas, please consider global circumstances, such as pandemics, affecting transit times

How Quickly Does My Jewelry Repair Receive My Order?

Once you’ve printed your shipping label, rest assured that My Jewelry Repair will receive your order promptly. Typically, orders sent via USPS or UPS are safely in our hands within 5 days, barring any unforeseen weather or courier delays. If there’s an unexpected delay, our dedicated Client Support team is always on standby to assist and track your shipment.

Photo showcasing of watch on top of shipping box outside of a facility

How Long Does it Take to Receive a Quote?

Once your items have been received, our Craftsmen and Technicians will typically provide a quote within 2 business days. This is after taking HD Photography of every item upon opening its packaging, and then carefully inspecting every jewelry piece and running diagnostic tests on every timepiece.

How Long Does Jewelry and Watch Repair Take?


After your quote is reviewed and approved by you, we start the process of repairing your jewelry immediately. The entire process usually takes 2 weeks, and we often finish ahead of schedule. This will include the repair process itself, followed by a thorough inspection by our Quality Assurance Team to verify that your ring is in flawless condition, and HD photography of everything repaired from your order.

For select special cases requiring unique parts like Rare Gemstones or Unique Clasps, a slight extension of a few business days might be necessary as we engage our trusted vendors.


Maintenance Servicing & Upkeep – Battery Replacements, Capacitor Recharges, etc.

Battery replacements, and other basic watch maintenance services such as a capacitor recharge, typically take 3 business days after quote approval. This includes additional services like proper sealing to uphold water resistance, gasket replacements, pressure tests, diagnostic inspection, HD Photography, and a complimentary clean and polish

Movement Cleaning & Servicing – Internal Part Replacements, Overhauls, Lubrication, etc.

After approving your quote, parts are immediately ordered for you repair (we source genuine parts from manufacturers and authorized dealers). Parts can be on order for varying lengths, dependent on the source (i.e. vintage watches usually take longer). As soon as your parts are received, you can expect your watch to be completed within a week. This includes all basic maintenance & upkeep services mentioned above.

Once my repair is completed, when will I receive it back?

Your package will be shipped out from our facility and tracking information will be emailed to you immediately. After your order is shipped, it is back to our customers typically within 5 days, dependent on your selected shipping and permitting any weather issues or delays with the courier.

To ensure your package is secure, we ship all orders with signature requirement. If your schedule does not permit you to sign for the package during normal business hours, we recommend using your work address as the return shipping address in order to avoid any delays with the courier.

Should you desire further clarity or have any inquiries, our devoted team awaits your call at (909) 204-5266, Monday to Friday, from 7am to 3pm PST. Entrust your cherished pieces to our care, where luxury meets expertise in every repair endeavor.

Updated 1/25/24

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