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Jewelry of the 1990s

Group of teens in the 1990s wearing jewelry feature image

Jewelry Through The Decades Series Travel back to the dynamic 1990s, an era of grunge, neon, and pop culture. In this fashion journey, we’ll explore the era’s iconic jewelry trends, from defining chokers to mood rings, capturing the eclectic styles that shaped the ’90s and still inspire fashion enthusiasts today. …

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Jewelry of the 1980s

Jewelry Through The Decades Series Discover the vibrant and audacious world of jewelry from the 1980s. From legendary glam rock vibes to bold power-dressing inspirations, these trends, designs, and cultural phenomena cemented 1980s jewelry as a true symbol of unabashed self-expression. In a decade known for its daring fashion statements …

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The World’s Recent Discoveries in Treasures

The World's Recent Discoveries in Treasure History Jewelry Featured Image

THE HISTORY OF JEWELRY AROUND THE WORLD  Uncover the most recent discoveries in the world of jewelry treasures! Jewelry Discoveries in the Past Few Years Unveil some of the most recent finds that have left the world of jewelry enthusiasts and historians spellbound. From priceless collections unearthed to glittering jewels …

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Jewelry of the 1960s

Feature image of 1960s woman with short brown hair wearing drop earrings with matching necklace in front of floral background

Jewelry Through The Decades Series Explore the unique charm of 1960’s jewelry, a remarkable blend of vibrant, chunky designs, and refined, minimalistic aesthetics. This era saw the rise of jewelry trends that reflected a mix of countercultural rebellion and understated elegance. The 1960s was a transformative decade in many aspects, …

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