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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your Engagement Ring

Hand Displaying Diamond Engagement Ring

THE Ultimate ENGAGEMENT RING GUIDE Delve into the world of engagement ring shopping: learn everything about what you should look for in your dream engagement ring from the glamour of its main stone to the personalized touch of the metal that holds it together. Shopping For Your Dream Engagement Ring …

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The Ultimate Birthstone Guide

Image of mulit-colored gemstones

Everything to Know About Birthstones Birthstones have fascinated people for centuries, believed to hold mystical powers and properties specific to each month. Understanding their history and gemological properties provides insight into their symbolism and meanings. This guide covers birthstones for those who are buying jewelry or are curious about your …

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Jewelry of the 1940s

Jewelry Through The Decades Series Step back in time and discover the stunning world of 1940s jewelry. From costume jewelry to the rise of engagement rings, this era was defined by its exquisite designs and craftsmanship. The 1940s was a decade of immense change. This was marked by World War …

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Diamond, the Birthstone for April

Diamond Fine Jewelry Engagement Ring Restored

THE ULTIMATE BIRTHSTONE GUIDES Discover the gemstones of your birth month with the Ultimate Birthstone Guides! From January to December, uncover the knowledge of your modern and traditional birthstones that you probably never knew existed. The Birthstone of April: Diamond Calling all April babies! Whether you’re an Aries or a …

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The Ultimate Metalworking Guide

Premier Flame Welding Ring Ultimate Metalworking Guide Featured Image

THE ULTIMATE METALWORKING GUIDE Discover the world of metalworking with our ultimate guide: from the traditional art of soldering to the cutting-edge technology of laser welding, delve into the many techniques this craft has to offer. The Art of Metalworking What Is Metalworking? The art of metalworking involves shaping and …

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Jewelry of the 1930s

Jewelry Through The Decades Series Explore the elegant and timeless world of 1930s jewelry. From faux gems to retro styles, learn all about the history of these iconic pieces. The 1930s was a decade of great change, both socially and economically. Despite the Great Depression, the fashion industry continued to …

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