Why Dive Watches Have Become So Popular

Rolex Timepiece Why Dive Watches Have Become So Popular Featured Image

Dive watches have been around for many decades and have evolved immensely over time. Recently, they have become even more popular than ever, not only for the diving community but for the general public as well. Some people wear dive watches just for the style and not necessarily for the …

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Before & After #130

Repair Before & After #130 of a Vintage Zenith Automatic Watch Restoration with Dial Refinishing and Premier Watch Repair Services

Before & After Series An Automatically Amazing Vintage Watch Restoration We recently received this square 1960’s Vintage Zenith Automatic Watch, which arrived disassembled in desperate need of a professional restoration. This very classic Zenith watch is also coined the so-called Kennedy watch, as John F. Kennedy allegedly owned a similar …

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Pearls, Alexandrites, & Moonstones, the Birthstones for June

Image Showcasing June Birthstone Pearl Alexandrite Moonstone Gemstone Rings

The Birthstones of June: Pearls, Alexandrites, and Moonstones June is one of three months that has three birthstones! The month of June is known to have three birthstones, which are Pearls, Alexandrites, and Moonstones. Each of these gemstones together gives any person born in June a wide variety of options …

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Emeralds of Egypt

Image Showcasing Emeralds of Egypt Blog Feature Image

The History of Egyptian Emeralds Did you know that Egypt is famous for its abundance of emeralds? In fact, Egypt was the first place Emeralds were ever discovered! Dating all the way back to 1500 B.C, Egypt became a hotspot for emerald mining. These emerald mines were later called “Cleopatra’s …

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The Ultimate Emerald Guide

Image Showacsing Luxury Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Green with Envy Over Emeralds Emeralds are popular and well-known for their vibrant (and vibrantly green) appearance. The green color you see results from a combination of unique elements and occurrences that happen naturally. There’s a reason why emeralds are a favorite gemstone across the globe — their dazzling color. …

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Africa – The History of Jewelry Around the World

Cultural Ancient Africa Jewelry History Featured Image

The History of Jewelry Around the World Series When it comes to jewelry, Africa has a rich and diverse history that cannot be summed up singularly. Jewelry in ancient Africa was used as a status symbol and also as a form of insurance with dowry arrangements which usually included large …

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