Do You Have A Care & Maintenance Plan Or Warranty With One Of Our Partners?

You’re in the right place! We are the authorized jewelry and watch repair partner for many different brands and various department stores. Utilizing one of Our Partner Plans or Manufacturer’s Warranty with’s easy-to-use ordering process, you have access to the highest caliber of jewelry and watch repair anywhere in the United States!

Depending on your Care & Maintenance Plan or Manufacturer’s Warranty, your bill may be partially or fully covered!

For more information, please see below.

Partnered Service Plans provides service to companies that have established Maintenance Plans.

Each plan has different conditions and cover various amounts of repair and/or maintenance. For more information see below:

Maintenance Plan Partners

Macy’s Worry No More

The Worry No More plan is the Macy’s maintenance agreement that can be purchased from Macy’s.

If you would like to create a Worry No More repair order, please visit :
Macy’s Worry No More Repair Order.

If you purchased your item from Macy’s but do not have a Worry No More plan or other maintenance agreement, you can still create a repair order using the link above.

Sears Care Plan

The Sears Care Plan is a maintenance agreement that you may have purchased from Sears with your jewelry or watch purchase.

For more information on how the Sears Care Plan works please visit: Sears Care Plan Information.

Watch Manufacturer's Warranty

Our state of the art facilities and certified watchmakers have been authorized by a number of watch manufacturers to uphold the warranties for their watches.

And we’re not done! We are constantly training and investing in our watchmakers, equipment, and facilities and aim to add to our growing list of authorized brands

Authorized Brands' Warranty We Can Service
Swiss Army

Bulova & Accutron Warranty Services

We are the authorized watch repair facility for all Bulova brands, including Accutron. Genuine parts, certified watchmakers, and state of the art equipment, we can bring your Bulova Timepiece to like-new condition.

To begin your Bulova Repair Order, please have your receipt ready, and click here.