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American West – The History of Jewelry Around the World

The History of Jewelry and Watches Around the World American West Featured Image

The History of Jewelry Around the World Series The Western United States during the 19th and early 20th centuries experienced many changes in its identity, and the idea of the American West during this time is often romanticized. Although the realities of this time were harsh and often brutal, there …

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Famous Hollywood Watches and Jewelry

In the spirit of Award Season, My Jewelry Repair would like to remind you of some of the most famous and recognized timepieces and jewelry creations that have ever graced the silver screen. We realize that in many instances we hear about the anticipated Red Carpet looks far before or …

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Building a Respectable Women’s Watch Collection

As a woman, maybe it’s not the first thing you think about: building a respectable watch collection. However, timepieces are still an amazing fashion statement to make — for both men and women. Getting Started with Watch Collecting Once you get your first watch you might start getting an itch …

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Building a Respectable Men’s Watch Collection

We’re not saying that every happening dude out there ought to have a well-crafted watch collection, but we will say that having a respectable watch collection is a pretty cool achievement. A watch just happens to be one of the perfect accessories — for both the men and the ladies. But, if …

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