Building a Respectable Men’s Watch Collection

We’re not saying that every happening dude out there ought to have a well-crafted watch collection, but we will say that having a respectable watch collection is a pretty cool achievement. A watch just happens to be one of the perfect accessories — for both the men and the ladies.

But, if you’re starting from square one (or… watch one, for that matter), maybe you’re looking for a little advice and a pro-tip or two that will help you along the way?

Getting Started with Watch Collecting

My Jewelry Repair is in the business of servicing and providing routine maintenance for some of the world’s most amazing watches — which means we know a thing or two about a good watch and what makes a good watch collection, for that matter.

Read on for a few essential tips for building the ultimate men’s watch collection.

Set Your Budget

This might be the easy part for most of us — since most folks out there don’t have an unlimited amount of financial resources to spend on a watch collection. Making a plan instead of going out and trying to buy multiple watches in one-shot might be a more frugal move.

Your first watch should be one that you could feasibly use every day. Maybe an awesome runner’s watch for your first watch. Maybe a nice, classy analog watch with a leather strap is a better first watch for you, depending on how you plan to use it initially.

Your First Big Purchase

We don’t want to tell you what to spend on a watch — that is entirely up to you. We’ve seen some really cool ones that were purchased for around the $100 mark. Some watches that cost thousands of dollars are notoriously finicky and prone to damage.

If you have something in the realm of $500 to spend on a watch, there are a ton of options out there for you. We suggest heading into a watch shop if you have the ability and the resources to do so, that way you can meet your very first watch in person. Have the retail person pull out half a dozen selections that are in your price range and select the watch that immediately speaks to you.

We recommend staying away from loud colors and gaudy watches for your first selection. You can get more exotic and flashier as you go.

Next, Think Outside the Box

Now that you’ve started your collection with a classic timepiece or two, maybe it’s time to diversify your collection by including a dressier watch, or maybe something with a slimmer, more elegant, and formal look.

Or, you can go the other way with it and grab a sportier watch for your second or third selection. We generally think of a nice watch collection at the six or more mark.

Getting More Complicated

As you continue to build your collection, you’ll start to purchase watches of subtle difference, like maybe a watch with a black leather strap as an antithesis to the camel strap watch you already have.

If you have a few automatic pieces, maybe now is the time to invest in a hand-wound timepiece.

Maybe those first watches were purchased with high use in mind. Your latter watch purchases can be more specific, designed with formal events in mind, instead of durability testing.

Making Your Watch Collection Stand the Test of Time

The idea is to purchase half a dozen watches that you absolutely can’t imagine your life without instead of a dozen watches that you’ll eventually get tired of.

My Jewelry Repair is here to provide repair, maintenance, and routine service for your watches… from your everyday driver to your showcase watches. Contact us today to start our easy online watch repair and/or routine maintenance process without any delay or hassle.