5 Ways to Make this Thanksgiving Special

5 Ways to Make this Thanksgiving Special

We’re here to make things simpler during stressful times

This holiday season, while many of us get caught up in the dramatics of shopping, visiting crowded malls only to settle for whatever is left over on the racks and shelves (not to mention struggling to find suitable parking), My Jewelry Repair would like to remind our customers and readership to remember what truly matters.

We think your time is what truly matters. How much of your time are you spending navigating, planning, cooking, and working around scores of different schedules and itineraries this Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a fantastic occasion to take a moment and cherish what you have. Read on for a few ways to make this Thanksgiving extra special.

1.) Donate Some of Your Time

It may sound less than feasible, but when we volunteer our time to those less fortunate than us, we learn how to be truly thankful for what we have. My Jewelry Repair frees up your valuable time with our easy online mail-in process. You can send your watches and jewelry in need of repair to us, then go on with your holiday. We’ll send your jewelry and watches back as good as new.

2.) Single Out a Loved One in Need of Attention

We all likely have that popular uncle or aunt who always has a swarm of family members around them hanging on their every word. Instead of going with the masses, maybe focus on spending some quality time with a less obvious family member who might not get as much attention. Take a moment to connect with those who you’ve been out of touch with.

3.) Value What You Have

Taking a moment for gratitude is huge. You’ll find you have many blessings in this life. Another way of valuing what you have is taking care of that which you love. Maybe it’s a family member, maybe it’s a vehicle that gets you to and from where you need to go, maybe it’s your favorite watch that’s in need of some routine maintenance — take a moment to care for that which you cherish.

4.) Do Something Special for Someone Special

Let that special someone in your life know how special they are with a grand gesture. Chances are, if your loved one is a fan of jewelry or has a watch fetish, they have something in the back of the jewelry box in need of repair. Now is the perfect time to send your damaged jewelry or watches to My Jewelry Repair. We make repairs simple and you always get to be the hero.

5.) Make One Reparation this Thanksgiving

If you have a loved one, a friend, or even acquaintance that you’re on anything less than agreeable terms with, Thanksgiving is a great time to let bygones be bygones. Even if that someone treated you unjustly, be the bigger person.

Of course, if you have any ringsbraceletsnecklaces, or watches that you’re on anything less than agreeable terms with, you can send them in to My Jewelry Repair today. We have an amazing track record of fixing even that which seems irreparable. We have an easy online mail-in process that will help you maximize your holiday goodness.

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