Solving the “Watch Band Repair Near Me” Problem

Those who’ve ever wondered, “Where do I find watch band repair near me,” might be interested in My Jewelry Repair, a service that can help replace watch bands and perform any other watch repair you might need. We do our thing and you never have to leave your home.

Our watch band replacement near me process is simple. All you have to do is visit our handy dandy online watch band repair near me tool and select the service(s) you need.

Once we get your order, we get to work. We’ll send you all the necessary packing slips and information that you need to safely send your watch in need of repair to one of our facilities — we operate on the East and West coasts for your convenience.

Why Would I Need a Watch Band Replacement Near Me?

Your watch band is one of the parts of your watch that endures the most wear and tear. If you have a leather band, have you worn it out in the hot weather lately? If so, it’s likely that there is a measurable amount of sweat damage to your watch band.

Whether your watch band is leather, metal, rubber, silicon, or nylon, we can replace your watch band so your watch looks good as new and sits on your wrist securely again.

Damaged metal band? No problem! My Jewelry Repair specializes in watch band replacement near me services, and we always work toward repair rather than replacement if we have the option.

Original Parts for Each and Every Repair

We have close relationships that we’ve kept for decades with almost every watch manufacturer known to man. We order original parts, including:

  • Clasps
  • Buckles
  • Pins
  • And Any Additional Parts Needed for Full Repair!

We are most often able to order original band replacements from the original manufacturer to ensure your watch band replacement near me is of the highest quality.

If a band cannot be repaired or parts are not available, the band may need to be completely replaced. In such cases we have you covered as well!

Our watch band repair near me solution helps you get the watch repairs you need without ever having to leave your home. Other watch band replacement near me services are now going contactless, but we’ve been doing that pretty much from the start. We’ve been able to refine our simple online watch band repair near me service over the years, and it really shows in the quality of our work, our industry-leading transparency, not to mention our satisfied customers who return to us again and again whenever they need expert watch or jewelry repair.

My Jewelry Repair Works on a Variety of Brands

Replace the band on your G-Shock watch, not to mention your Citizen. My Jewelry Repair has handled priceless watches and everyday drivers alike. We repair Bulova, Accutron, Swiss Army, Gucci, Omega, Seiko, Tag Heuer, Movado, Victorinox, and More. We can also help restore or refurbish classic watches and pocket watches from the past. Just send us the necessary information via our online tool and we’ll get to work right away.

We also make time for our customers after the repairs are done. If you ever have any questions about your repair or need any follow-up care, My Jewelry Repair is here to help.

Our certified watchmakers are standing by, ready to perform expert watch band replacement near me services.

Contact My Jewelry Repair today and let’s get started on your watch band repair near me experience. We perform over 500,000 watch and jewelry repairs on an annual basis. Our online watch band replacement tool makes it easier than ever for you to get all the repairs you need with one simple service.

For more information about our watch repair services, please visit: Watch Repair Services.

If you would like to place a watch band repair order, please click on the “Get Started” button below.


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  1. I need to replace my watch band for serial#26578SS. One day the metal bank just fell off my arm and two pieces also fell off. I was told by a watch shop to contact Lucien Picard and enter the watches serial number and possibly purchase the band. Please advise if you can help me.

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