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History of the Diamond Engagement Ring

The First Diamond Engagement Ring In 1477, the first documented diamond engagement ring was given by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria to his soon to be wife Mary Duchess of Burgundy. However. it was not until the discovery of diamonds in South Africa in 1866 that diamonds were more available …

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Heirloom Jewelry & Watches – A Sentimental Gift

Heirloom Watches and Jewelry A Sentimental Gift Featured Image

Gifts of Timeless Connection Heirloom jewelry and watches serve as more than just beautiful adornments. They embody the stories, memories, and spirit of our forebears. These pieces stand as a testament to the continuity of family legacies. Cultivating the Art of Preservation The care of heirloom treasures involves much more …

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Give the Gift of Certified Watch Repair or Watch Reconditioning

Holiday Watch

  Christmas is right around the corner. As everyone else gets ready to engage in the holiday shuffle, spending unbearable amounts of time standing in line or talking to seasonal holiday retail employees, you might be looking to do something different. would like to encourage you to stray away …

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The History of Mourning Jewelry

Remembering The Dearly Departed Through Jewelry What is Mourning Jewelry? Mourning jewelry was created in remembrance of a loved one that has passed, a way to remember them every day. Mourning jewelry was not just for women, men would also wear mourning pieces, for example, cuff links, or pocket watches. …

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The Hope Diamond – Curse of the Most Famous Gemstone

EssPro Hope Diamond on Display Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Featured Image

What is the Hope Diamond? Over the years there have been many gemstones believed to be cursed, but the most famous of the gemstones is the Hope Diamond. This lustrous blue diamond weighing 45.52 carats is surrounded by tales of misfortune. How did this diamond which originated in India, and …

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The Types of Watch Movement Mechanisms

Uncovering the Mechanics of Timekeeping: A Guide to Watch Movements Timepieces have been keeping us on time since the 15th century, and have naturally undergone many changes since their inception. From simple pocket watches of the 1600s to advanced analog timepieces of the 19th and 20th centuries to the ultra-connected …

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