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The Ultimate Pearl Guide

Image Showcasing Natural Pearls Gemstones

Deep Diving Into Everything About Pearls A pearl starts as a foreign particle (a pebble, shell , or sand) in an oyster or mollusk. The particle irritates the mollusk and it secretes a substance called nacre. The nacre protects the mollusk from the particle. Over the years, layers upon layers …

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Engraving Ideas for Jewelry,

Message, Placement, & Font Styling For Jewelry Engraving Going the Extra Mile In the world of jewelry and watches, it is quite uncommon to find a piece uniquely expressed to share a lasting message of love, encouragement, or commitment. Adding a little something to your jewelry can make all the difference. Going …

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Invisible (Mystery) Setting Guide

What is an Invisible Setting and What Makes It Different? A centuries-old, originally French technique, invisible set gemstone jewelry (aka the Invisible Setting), is one of the most beautiful setting types available. It involves the process of setting stones side-by-side, hiding the metalwork underneath, which can give the appearance of a …

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What You Need To Know About White Gold & Rhodium

EssPro White Gold and Rhodium Finish Fine Jewelry Rings Featured Image

How They Tie Together Did you know that white gold jewelry doesn’t get its shiny white color from the gold itself? That color actually comes from a thin coat of rhodium plating! White gold needs to be rhodium plated to achieve the beautiful white finish that we see on any …

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