Setting Lab

My Jewelry Repair®

Introducing The Gemstone Setting Lab

This new lab installation was built in dedication to perfect the art of gemstone resetting. This lab is only four our most experienced master jewelers to focus on the task in the most elite environment possible.

This new lab contains:

  • State of the Art microscopes to inspect jewelry intricacies
  • A cutting-edge clean environment
  • Top-of-the-line ergonomic desks
  • Innovative tools and equipment
  • Advanced lighting technology

My Jewelry Repair currently partners with prestigious names and brands which require this exact type of environment for their jewelry.

Customers can rest assured that while their item is in the setting lab, it is isolated from any other product, avoiding any contamination with lab created gemstones as well as any other stones that are not dedicated to the item in progress.

Image showing setting lab microscope
Image showing setting lab desk