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Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone, the Birthstones for June

Isolated June Birthstones Pearl Alexandrite Moonstone Gemstone Rings Fine Jewelry Feature Image

THE ULTIMATE BIRTHSTONE GUIDES Discover the gemstones of your birth month with the Ultimate Birthstone Guides! From January to December, uncover the knowledge of your modern and traditional birthstones that you probably never knew existed. The Birthstones of May: Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone June is one of three months that …

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The Ultimate Emerald Guide

Image Showacsing Luxury Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Green with Envy Over Emeralds Emeralds are popular and well-known for their vibrant (and vibrantly green) appearance. The green color you see results from a combination of unique elements and occurrences that happen naturally. There’s a reason why emeralds are a favorite gemstone across the globe — their dazzling color. …

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