Before & After #109

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Before & After #109 Vintage Jules Jurgensen Timepiece Restored in Watch Repair Service Center

A Vintage Jules Jurgensen Timepiece Restoration

On this edition of the Before & After, we have a vintage Jules Jurgensen 19 jewel manual wind timepiece. This watch had a cracked crystal, tarnished dial and hands, scratched case and clasp, and worn internal parts throughout the movement.

What is a jewel you may ask? Watch jewels, also known as jewel bearings, are tiny pieces of synthetic gems (ruby or sapphire) that are set into the watch movement itself. They are in the movement to aid in reducing friction, for example, when the metal pieces and gears need to move freely, such as the wheel train rotating on a smooth surface. The more smoothly these gears more, the more accurate the movement will be.

For this watch repair, we had to:

After #109 Side View of Vintage Jules Jurgensen Timepiece Restored by Certified Watchmakers
  • Source rare parts (mainspring, balance staff, escape wheel, & setting lever)
  • Perform a full clean, overhaul, and adjustment of the manual wind up movement
  • Refinish the dial
  • Provide a watch crystal replacement service professionally done by our Watchmakers
  • Monitor the timepiece to make sure it is properly functioning

It is then wrapped up with our complimentary WOSTEP-Certified Clean & Polishing service.

We make sure that our Certified Watchmakers at our Watch Repair Service Center have the proper certifications before working on your precious timepieces. Our Team of experienced Watchmakers have many Watch Repair Certifications, some of the major ones including:

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Before #109 Vintage Jules Jurgensen Timepiece Prior to Premier Vintage Watch Restoration Services


After #109 Front View of Vintage Jules Jurgensen Timepiece Restored by skillful work of Certified Watchmakers

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Before & After #109