Before & After #138

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Before & After #138 Macy's 10kt Yellow Gold Stack Earrings Restored by the Jewelry Repair Work of My Jewelry Repair Master Jewelers

A Gold Earring Repair Needing to WorryNoMore!

We recently received this beautiful pair of 10kt yellow gold earrings with a unique stack design. Unfortunately for the owner, one of the pieces had broken off the stack and needed professional soldering services in order to complete the set once again.

It was also fortunate for the owner that they had sent their earrings to My Jewelry Repair, as our team is more than experienced to repair not only earrings in general, but more specifically Macy’s fine jewelry as well as their official authorized repair service provider!

The owner of these gold earrings had noted that they had purchased them from Macy’s, however, they did not have the WorryNoMore protection plan upon purchase. After sending it to us, this gold earring repair would need to Worry No More as the owner could purchase a protection plan to go along with it!

For this earring restoration, we had to:

  • Perform a free professional evaluation after noting what the customer requested for the repair
  • Provide the option to purchase a Macy’s WorryNoMore Protection Plan for their fine jewelry earring set along with their repair quote
  • Professionally solder and attach the broken piece back into its proper place in the earring
  • Finish off with a complimentary clean & polish service to restore it from its daily wear & tear
Before #138 Close Up of Macy's Gold Stack Earrings with Detached Piece in Front for Comparison

Our team of Master Jewelers here at My Jewelry Repair uphold a premier standard for earring and fine jewelry repairs, so this repair was another successful transformation back into its pristine condition.

Due to these premier standards, My Jewelry Repair became the authorized Jewelry & Watch Repair Services provider for Macy’s fine jewelry and watches. Customers who have purchased a Macy’s WorryNoMore plan will receive the highest caliber of jewelers and watchmakers, and can receive these services from us from anywhere in the United States!

Good news: if you’re a Macy’s fine jewelry and watch owner and have not purchased a Macy’s WorryNoMore plan, you’ll be able to add on a protection plan with My Jewelry Repair regardless of when you’ve purchased your treasured item. Make sure you protect your precious pieces and have them covered just like this gold earring set!

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Before #138 Macy's Gold Stack Earrings with Detached Piece Prior to Premier Earring Repair Services
Before #138 Top View of Macy's Gold Stack Earrings with Detached Piece Prior to Premier Fine Jewelry Restoration Services


After #138 Macy's Gold Stack Earrings Restored by Skillful Earring Repair Work of Master Jewelers
After #138 Top View of Macy's Gold Stack Earrings Restored by Premier Earring Repair and Restoration Services

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