Before & After #153

The Repair Before & After Spotlight Series

My Jewelry Repair aims to provide our customers with the highest caliber of jewelry and watch repair all from the comfort of their home. The Before & After Series spotlights some of the best work our Master Craftsmen have done! 

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Tag Heuer Watch Restoration

MJR Before & After #153 Tag Heuer Restoration

Welcome back to another addition of our Before & After Series! This time, we have a Tag Heuer timepiece that came into our facility that needed a complete internal restoration. The customer had sent in their watch to have the stem and crown replaced as it was missing. However, after evaluating the piece itself, our Certified Watchmakers had concluded that a complete quartz movement replacement was needed due to the damage that was done internally. The owner of the watch had told us they had no idea what had happened to their watch, but happily agreed to the repair. 

For this watch restoration, we had to:  

  • Perform a free professional evaluation after noting what the customer requested for the repair 
  • Note that although we are an online jewelry and watch repair company, we can only provide evluations when our skilled craftsmen can physically assess them in person at our secure facility 
  • Completely disassemble the entire timepiece 
MJR Before & After #153 Tag Heuer Restoration Packaging
MJR Before & After #153 Tag Heuer Restoration on display with green background

And voila! This Tag Heuer timepiece was professionally restored back to its pristine condition! 

In the watch case that you need to have your piece restored, send it our way! And if you actually have no idea what repairs your item needs, don’t worry, we’ll be able to let you know what repairs are necessary and provide you with the best options possible. We may even feature your repair in our Before & After Series just like this one! 

We just so happened to film the entire restoration process of this Tag Heuer piece, so if you’re curious on what a Quartz Movement Replacement, Battery Servicing, and Stem & Crown Replacement looks like, feel free to watch the video feature below! 

Like the results of this repair? Leave a comment! 

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Tag Heuer Before & After #153 2
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Tag Heuer Before & After #153 6

That’s All Folks!

Thank you for taking the time to visit the latest addition to our Before and After Series! Don’t worry, we will be showcasing many more of our major transformations very soon.

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Before & After #153

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