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At My Jewelry Repair, we offer professional pearl restringing services to help you keep your pearl jewelry looking beautiful and secure. Our team of master jewelers have years of experience working with pearls and can restring your necklace or bracelet with care and precision.

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Premier Pearl Restringing Services

Any and all jewelry pieces will break down eventually with time and especially with wear. When it comes to pearl necklaces or bracelets, even the strongest threading can become weak, that's why it's important to take your pearls in for routine care & maintenance.

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Our online mail-in pearl restringing services make it easy to restore your pearl necklace or bracelet without having to leave the house. We can restring your pearls using silk or nylon thread, depending on your preference and the type of pearls you have. We will carefully hand-knot each pearl to ensure they are held securely in place.

How Does Pearl Restringing Work?

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Our master jewelers will gather all of the necessary materials. This includes a new thread or wire, pearl beads, and pearl knotting equipment. The pearls are carefully removed from the original thread or wire, taking note of their order and placement. They are then cleaned and inspected for any damage. The jeweler will tie a knot in one end of the new cord or wire to secure the pearls in place. They will then string the pearls onto the thread or wire, following the original pattern and placement. If beads or charms are added, they will be incorporated into the design. The jeweler will tie knots between each pearl to secure them in place and prevent them from moving around on the cord. The pearls will be added and attached to complete the necklace or bracelet.

If you would like to learn more about pearls, take a look at our ultimate pearl guide.


State-Of-The-Art Setting Labs

We have built custom Setting Labs for our Master Craftsmen to have everything they need to focus on settings. This level of attention is needed for top-of-the-line jewelry settings of the kind our premier manufacturing partners require. These clean environments are equipped with the best jeweler benches, tools, and high-tech microscopes.

Master Jewelers Performing Premier Gemstone Setting Services in State-of-the-Art Setting Lab Work Benches
State-of-the-art-microscopes in gemstone setting lab for My jewelry Repair

Master Jewelers & Professional Stone Sourcing

Our setting labs are staffed with hand-selected Master Jewelers who are experienced with gemstone resetting. They are trained to complement it with modern tools like jewelry-specific microscopes. Our Master Craftsmen can work on any setting, even rare high-difficulty techniques like invisible settings.

Whether it’s a standard diamond or a rare ruby, our team of specialists properly source every type of gem needed. We understand your gemstones are unique and require specific attention. Our Professional Stone Sourcing team ensures that any gemstones are replaced by stones of the right caliber for your piece.

Best part of our gemstone resetting service? Our master jewelers have the necessary skill to perform a gemstone resetting service without leaving any trace of their work.

Our team includes gemologists certified by

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