Bracelet Repair

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Before & After #136

Before & After #136 Multi-Colored Gemstone Flower Bracelet Restored by My Jewelry Repair on White Background

Before & After Series A Gemstone Bracelet That Screams Flower Power! Going through our recent repairs that we’ve completed lately, this one was screaming full of flower power to have its gemstone services to be written about. Just look at the colors in this beautiful eye-catching piece! This unique 10kt …

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Before & After #133

Before & After #133 Garnet Gemstone Bracelet Clasp Repair and Replacement

Before & After Series Simple Servicing for a Garnet Gemstone Bracelet We’d like to give our bracelet owners some love and attention in our Before & After Series too! There are many different repairs that our master craftsmen can do when it comes to bracelets coming in to be serviced …

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Before & After #126

Image Showcasing Before & After #126 of a purple amethyst rose gold plated tennis bracelet getting restored by My Jewelry Repair premier services

Before & After Series Amethyst Bracelet: Restored As New Recently, we’ve come across a beautiful piece that was unfortunately broken. On the other hand, however, this purple amethyst rose-gold-plated sterling silver bracelet was fortunately sent over to our skillful craftsmen to restore with our premier bracelet repair services. The clasp …

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How to Clean & Polish Your Bracelet

Cleaning & Caring For Your Bracelet Jewelry was meant to shine — and everyday use stands in the way of letting your bracelet be what it was truly meant to be. Our jewelry has sentimental value in addition to monetary value, how do you plan to protect your memories and …

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Before & After #74

Image showing the Before & After #74 of a Misshapen Tiffany Bracelet Repair

Before & After Series A Misshapen Tiffany Bracelet Repair Service On this edition of the Before & After Series, we have an 18k Rose Gold Tiffany Bracelet that was worn down and bent out of shape. For this repair we had to: Solder any breaks Reshape the charm Perform a …

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