Tag Heuer Watch Repair

Tag Heuer, (Heuer pronounced as “hawyer”, like “lawyer”), was founded in 1869 by Edouard Heuer in, you guessed it, Switzerland. The brand has evolved into one of the choice accessories for the lady and gentleman of discerning taste.

Footballers Love Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer is the first ever official timekeeper of the Premier League, the official watch of the US soccer team and Major League Soccer. They keep time in clutch moments and need to function seamlessly to keep precise time.

Built for Speed

Tag Heuers are built for velocity, their Formula 1 best-selling model crafted to suit a fast-paced life. My Jewelry Repair is a service suited for people who live fast-paced lives as well.

You’re busy professionally, not to mention personally. You might not have time to navigate problematic malls with multiple levels of confusion and risky parking structures you may or may not get trapped in for untold amounts of time to find a watch repair store that promises you a fast fix.

My Jewelry Repair specializes in watch repair and maintenance, able to fix a wide variety of brands and every style, including:

  • Quartz Movements
  • Mechanical Movements
  • Solar Watches
  • Antique and Vintage Watches
  • Classic Watches
  • Dive Watches
  • Aviation Watches
  • Nautical Watches
  • Pocket Watches
  • Chronographs
  • Limited Edition Watches
  • And More!

We don’t know about the other watch repair places, but we make our process easy.

Online, Mail-in, Move on With Your Life

Choose your Tag Heuer watch repair needed on our website. It’s easy. Print your materials, pack your watch and any loose parts, arrange for USPS pickup if you prefer not to leave home. That’s how easy it is.

We get your repair and get right to work. We use original parts, even if your watch comes from the 1800s. If we can’t find the original part, we make it custom. We keep the line of communication open to let you know how everything’s going. We’ll even send you pictures if you’d like. Once the repair is finished, we send your Tag Heuer right back to you.

Your Local Guy Already Uses Us

You might be interested in knowing that your local watch repair place probably already uses us. We get repairs from shops all over the country when independent watchmakers can’t perform certain repairs.

Whether you’re a racecar driver, a soccer Mom, or a businessperson on the move, if your Tag isn’t on time, you’re not on time. Our process is simple, easy, and expertly-run. Many times we’re cheaper than your local watch repair place. Visit MyJewelryRepair.com today to get your Tag Heuer repair started.