Revive Dad’s Cherished Timepiece This Father’s Day


Gift something different this Father’s Day – premier watch servicing from My Jewelry Repair, where precision, skill, and convenience blend seamlessly. We bet your Dad has a cherished timepiece stashed away somewhere, waiting for a little love and care.

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Rediscover Dad’s Timeless Love

Just because that precious watch sits idle, doesn’t mean it’s forgotten. Many of us, upon finding something broken or not functioning right, choose to replace it with a new one, and watches are no exception. But with a touch of routine maintenance or an expert watch restoration from My Jewelry Repair, it could be ticking as good as new.

Wristwatch Timepiece Restored and Serviced

Dad’s Gift of Expert and Convenient Watch Repair

Dad’s Cherished Watch is Always in Good Hands with Our Certified Watchmakers

As Father’s Day approaches, you might find yourself contemplating about that ideal gift for your dad. With traditional presents like ties, mugs, and tools losing their charm, it’s time to think out of the box. And what could be more unique and heartfelt than restoring one of your dad’s precious timepieces back to its former glory?

At My Jewelry Repair, we’re not just a team. Each watchmaker on our team comes with a rich experience of over 25 years, painstakingly repairing and reviving countless timepieces, each with a story as unique as its owner.

However, it’s not just the experience that sets our team apart. It’s the constant drive to learn, adapt, and innovate that truly defines us. Our team of watchmakers boasts an array of certifications, including WOSTEP, CW21, and SAWTA, further endorsed by the SWATCH Group. These globally recognized certifications not only vouch for our proficiency in watch repair but also reflect our commitment to upholding the highest standards of our craft.

This Father’s Day, give the gift of time – literally. There’s something incredibly poignant about restoring a watch that has been cherished by your dad. It’s not just a functional item; it’s a piece of his story, a keepsake from a different time. Reviving it doesn’t only serve a practical purpose; it’s a way of honoring his journey, his memories, and the timeless moments you’ve shared.

So, let’s reimagine Father’s Day gifts this year. Because few things can parallel the joy your dad will feel when he sees his favorite timepiece ticking again, just as it did when it first caught his eye.

Before & After #117 of a Vintage Elgin Watch Receiving Premier Watch Restoration Services

(Before & After #117)

Before & After #39 of a Vintage 1967 Bulova M7 Watch Timepiece Restored with Premier Services

(Before & After #39)

Watch Servicing at Dad’s Doorstep

Our mail-in process and nationwide presence bypass the need for you to navigate through busy malls. Enjoy our hassle-free service anywhere in the United States, along with Free Standard Shipping!

How Our Online Order Process Works

  1. Place a request for watch repair work.
  2. Send your item(s) to us.
  3. Get a request quote and approve the work.
  4. We’ll complete your watch repair work.
  5. We’ll ship your watch back to you.
Father and Son Looking at Restored Wristwatch

Completing Dad’s Simple and Complex Watch Repairs with Premier Timepiece Services

From straightforward tasks like gasket replacements, watch bracelet repairs, and battery replacements (inclusive of pressurization tests), to more complex undertakings such as vintage timepiece restorations, crystal replacements (with options of sapphire, glass, or lunette), and dial refinishing, our online suite of watch repair services offers comprehensive solutions.

In fact, for intricate tasks, many local watch repair shops rely on our expertise, underscoring the breadth and quality of our service offerings, which also encompass options for watch band replacements, engraving, and movement servicing.

Close Up of Expert Watchmaker Unscrewing Watch Movement For Timepiece Servicing

This Father’s Day, make Dad proud. Show him you can work smart by opting for our certified, online, mail-in watch repair service. Click on the gold ‘Get Started’ button to start the order process today, and if you need a repair not listed in our services, contact us. We can likely handle it.

Remember, watch repair isn’t just about fixing something that’s broken; it’s about reviving memories and cherishing relationships. Celebrate this Father’s Day by renewing a piece of Dad’s legacy.

Here’s wishing you a Happy Father’s Day from My Jewelry Repair!

Updated 6/23/23

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