Most Common Jewelry Repairs

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Our most common jewlery repairs

At My Jewelry Repair, we specialize in essential jewelry repairs. Promptly sending in jewelry for repair ensures its longevity and beauty. Our common services include ring sizing, prong repair, necklace chains, clasps, and careful pearl restringing. Each task is executed with great precision and care, guaranteeing that your jewelry is not only visually stunning, but also durable for the future.

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Reviving Precious Memories: Expert Repair Services at My Jewelry Repair

At My Jewelry Repair, we specialize in bringing your cherished jewelry back to life, valuing both its emotional and financial worth. We urge quick action at the first hint of damage to prevent complications and higher repair costs down the line. Whether it’s earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings, various damages can occur, from loose stones to detached parts. Our expert craftsmen are adept at creating replacements, ensuring your jewelry is beautifully restored.

The question arises: what kinds of repairs are most commonly entrusted to us at My Jewelry Repair?

Expert Ring Care: Sizing, Prong Repair, and Revitalization

Our services frequently cater to ring sizing, prong re-tipping, and prong replacement demands. Consider the constant activity your hands undertake daily. As a result, rings endure more wear and tear than almost any other form of jewelry, with the possible exception of watches. This extensive use can lead to loosened stones—necessitating precision stone tightening—broken prongs, or the need for your ring to undergo a professional cleaning and polishing session to restore its original luster and beauty.

We understand the importance of maintaining the condition and appearance of your rings, ensuring they not only fit perfectly but also look as stunning as the day you first wore them. Our team of skilled jewelers is dedicated to providing comprehensive care, from intricate repairs to thorough cleanings, to keep your cherished pieces in pristine condition.

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Necklaces and chains frequently come to us for care, as every link’s condition is crucial to the piece’s integrity. With time, links can age, weaken, or break, affecting your jewelry’s beauty and function. Our jewelers know the importance of each link for your necklace or chain’s harmony and durability. We offer specialized repair and restoration to meet each link’s needs, keeping your jewelry secure and stunning. Trust us to maintain your necklaces and chains’ elegance with our focused restoration services.

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Clasp replacements are in high demand, even more so than chain repairs. With a wide array of clasps available—spring ring, lobster, barrel, toggle, box, magnetic, and fishhook—we understand their essential role in the functionality and look of your necklace. Clasps undergo significant stress with daily use, playing a key role in the security and comfort of wearing your necklace. Our team expertly handles all clasp types, ready to replace or upgrade them to ensure your necklace operates smoothly and fits seamlessly into your daily routine. Trust us to keep your necklace secure and stylish, perfectly suited to your life.

Preserving Elegance: The Art of Pearl Restringing

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Pearl restringing, knotted and unknotted, is another common jewelry repair we perform. Pearl jewelry, revered for its timeless elegance, requires meticulous care to maintain its beauty and integrity over time. Owners of pearl pieces are often vigilant about their care, ensuring any needed repairs are addressed promptly.

In the event of a pearl necklace breakage, we advise gathering all the pearls and any additional components you can find. This proactive step is crucial for a comprehensive repair, allowing us to accurately reassemble your necklace. Our experienced jewelers are adept at restringing pearls, ensuring each piece is securely fastened and returned to its original splendor.

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Last updated 03/14/2024

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Maintaining Your Jewelry For Years To Come

In the intricate world of jewelry,

In the intricate world of jewelry, every aspect is crucial, from ring sizing to delicate pearl restringing. My Jewelry Repair values the narratives behind your pieces, providing specialized services to preserve their beauty and structure. Our experienced artisans stand ready to revive your jewelry, addressing both wear and accidental damage. Trust us for exceptional care that ensures your cherished items gleam once more, restored to their original elegance.

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