Seiko Watch Repair

For those who choose Seiko watches for keeping time, a brand whose slogan is “Always one step ahead of the rest,” it’s important to make sure that your watch is telling time accurately and precisely. That goes for the businessman counting the minutes and the professional diver counting the seconds alike.

Seiko, An International Watch

Seiko has an international presence, serving in international sport since 1964 at the Tokyo Olympic Games, providing world-leading timekeeping technologies in an arena where anything less than perfect is unacceptable.

Seiko has been running strong since its conception in 1881, when an upstart 22-year old entrepreneur, Kintaro Hattori opened his first shop selling and repairing timepieces in bustling central Tokyo. Seiko has enjoyed a long history of making landmark watches, like the Astron, Prospex, Presage, and Premier series.


My Jewelry Repair Does Seiko

Each watch is its own beast, which is why it’s important to acquire the help of experienced professionals for Seiko watch repair and maintenance. Don’t even mess with the DIY nonsense on the internet, even if it’s a procedure as simple as watch battery replacement.

My Jewelry Repair specializes in watch repair and watch maintenance for the full array of watch types and styles, covering a broad range of watch brands, including Seiko.

We Repair and Perform Routine Maintenance for:

  • Automatic Watches/Quartz Movements
  • Mechanical Watches/Movements
  • Luxury Watches
  • Large Watches
  • Diver Watches
  • Antique and Vintage Watches
  • Diver Watches
  • Limited Edition Watches
  • Aviation Watches
  • Solar Watches
  • And More!

We get a lot of Seiko watches due to:

  • Improper watch storage and handling
  • Customers wearing their watch during inappropriate activities
  • Improper use of chronograph functions / improper settings
  • Magnetic field exposure
  • Winding a mechanical watch while wearing it on the wrist
  • Watch crown cross-threading
  • DIY battery replacement follies

Do any of these sound like you?

That’s okay. It happens. You’d be surprised by the shape of some of the watches that get sent to us. But we make each one look like new again.

An Easy, Online Mail-In Process

We don’t know about the other watch repair places, but our process is easy!

First, you select the repair you need from If you don’t see the repair you need on our menu, give us a call, because it’s likely we can perform whatever service you need. Our comprehensive watch repair and bicoastal national presence give us the unique ability to service and repair just about any watch. Many of your local watchmakers and watch repair shops already use us for services they’re unable to perform.

Visit to start our online, mail-in process today. Our certified watchmakers can fix any Seiko you send our way.