Image Showing Jewelry Repair from Weekly Before After 10 project

This Week’s Issue: Lots and Lots of Jewelry

On this edition of the Weekly Before and After, we have more than just one item on the Weekly Before & After, we have 5!

Rings, earrings, a pendant, and a bracelet. Each item had a different type of work needed, from stone replacements, to soldering, to a simple clean and polish, this project showcases a wide array of the jewelry repairs that we perform here at MJR. But hey, sometimes people have more than just one piece of jewelry that needs to be repaired.

Probably the most transformational repair was the gold ring with emeralds and a center diamond. There were three emeralds that needed to be replaced (one was missing and the other two were chipped) plus the center diamond was also chipped and needed to be replaced). That meant finding the stones with the right dimensions and properly setting them. Then finishing it with a clean and polish

The other repairs in this project included:
-A bracelet that had a broken clasp, which required link repair and soldering.
-A white gold ring with 2 missing baguette diamonds. We replaced the baguettes and applied a new rhodium plating.
-And a basic clean and polish on the other items

We were proud of the outcome, and the customer loved it!

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See you on the next Weekly Before & After!✨


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