The Story Behind Heart Shaped Diamonds

Heart Shaped Diamond

Heart-shaped diamonds are among the hardest to shape, requiring the most dexterously skilled cutters, so much so that the ideal is to achieve a unique 59-faceted cut. They are among the most popular in engagement and promise rings, resembling a pear-shaped cut, but actually closer to a modified round brilliant cut. They’ve been around for centuries, and they’ve stayed relevant.

The best stones to make a heart-shaped diamond out of are stones that go from narrow to fat, in case you ever plan on fashioning one yourself. We’re sure there’s a DIY video on it somewhere. If DIY isn’t your thing, leave it to the professionals.

A Heart-Shaped History

Heart-shaped diamonds have been around since before 1463, at which time the first one ever was requested/recorded on paper, addressed in a letter to Nicodemo from the Duke of Milan, Galeazzo Sforza — a famous name from a famous family of the Italian Renaissance, patrons of master artists like Leonardo Da Vinci. The fact that the heart-shaped diamond is mentioned casually might lead a reader to deduce that these were fairly common.

From that point forward, heart-shaped diamonds continued to stay in the headlines with Mary Queen of Scots bestowing one upon Elizabeth I in a stone gold ring.

How Heart-Shaped Diamonds Get their Signature Shine

Heart-shaped diamonds are intelligently designed to shine. With a cone at their base, light can come streaming in like your favorite Netflix show that you shamelessly binged last weekend, filtered through gem facets. The best type of stone to use is the macle stone, which are twin crystals, particularly useful for fancy cuts, like modified brilliants. Fancy-cut crystals are highly recognizable by their brilliance, their ability to shine.

Heart Shaped Diamond

Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring Settings

Heart shaped diamonds are still popular today, many times housed in rings, enjoyed by the likes of Lady Gaga and Joan Collins. There are three optimum ring settings for heart-shaped diamonds:

  • Bezel — This is the most secure setting, wrapping itself completely around the stone.
  • Three-Pronged — Maximize your diamond’s qualities with this setting, which allows more light to filter through the stone itself.
  • Five-Prong — This setting is better for larger stones. Giving your loved one a big ol’ rock? Five-pronged is the way to go.

Because of their unique cut, heart shaped diamonds aren’t compatible with invisible settings, which require square and princess cuts.

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