Aquamarine and Bloodstone, the Birthstones for March

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March’s Mystical Jewels: Aquamarine and Bloodstone

Step into the enchanting realm of March, where two extraordinary gems await—whether you’re imbued with the fiery spirit of an Aries or the dreamy essence of a Pisces, you are united by the marvel of March’s birthstones. Embrace the dual wonders of this month: the ethereal Aquamarine and the enigmatic Bloodstone, each echoing tales of mystique and power that resonate with their very essence. These stones, steeped in centuries of lore and adored by aficionados of the gem world, offer more than mere beauty. They are symbols of the profound mysteries and tranquil charms that March holds. Join us as we embark on a journey into the heart of March’s birthstones, unraveling the allure and legend that these gemstones embody.

March Birthstones Uncut Aquamarine Bloodstone Loose Gemstones Isolated

Why Does March Have Two Birthstones?

Unveiling the Dual Gems of March

Why does March celebrate not one, but two captivating birthstones? This enchanting month is linked to the serene Aquamarine and the mystic Bloodstone, a distinction that unfolds through the tapestry of history. Unlike other months, which might boast a single gem or venture into the realm of having three, March stands out as a bearer of two unparalleled treasures.

The journey of birthstones from past to present weaves through a spectrum of tradition and modernity. In the mid-20th century, the Jewelers of America curated a list of modern birthstones, introducing a contemporary twist to ancient customs. These modern gemstones are the ones we often cherish today, celebrated for their beauty and significance

Yet, the allure of traditional birthstones, those gems that have been revered since time immemorial, cannot be understated. These ancient stones, each with its month, tell stories of a bygone era, their rarity now making them precious beyond measure. It’s this historical tapestry that has led to the evolution of birthstones, with some months adopting new gems as their symbols due to the scarcity of their traditional counterparts.

Whether your heart leans towards the modern elegance of today’s gems or the timeless charm of the traditional stones, these birthstones hold an enduring place in our lives. They are not just adornments; they are bearers of history, symbols of identity, and objects of profound personal significance. Let’s delve deeper into the stories of Aquamarine and Bloodstone, and discover the unique magic that each stone brings to the illustrious month of March.

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The Astonishing Aquamarine: Discovering its Serene Beauty

Aquamarine, March’s mesmerizing modern birthstone, carries the essence of the ocean’s tranquil beauty.

Derived from the Latin words “aqua” (water) and “marina” (of the sea), its name beautifully captures the gemstone’s connection to the serene depths of the sea.

Belonging to the beryl family, aquamarine shares its lineage with the illustrious emerald, yet stands out with its distinctive palette of soothing blues and greens. This gem’s enchanting hues are a gift from the traces of iron within, painting each stone with the spectrum of the sea.

The larger and darker the gemstone, the more valuable the aquamarine is.

Unlike other gemstones, the aquamarine’s allure intensifies with its scale. Its crystals, capable of growing to impressive lengths, often over a foot, are meticulously crafted into exquisite pieces, each radiating a unique brilliance. The larger the stone, the deeper and more vivid its color, making these gems coveted treasures.

Aquamarines boast the fascinating characteristic of pleochroism, revealing different colors when viewed from varying angles. This feature adds a layer of mystery to their allure. Additionally, through heat treatment, the gemstone’s blue tones can be enhanced, further diminishing any presence of green, yellow, or brown, and elevating its oceanic essence.

Restored Aquamarine and Diamond Gemstone Jewelry Reflected on Display
Restored Heart-Shaped Aquamarine and Diamond Gemstone Jewelry Piece On Wooden Platform

The History and Symbolism of Aquamarines

Aquamarine, a gemstone that whispers tales of the ocean’s depths and serene horizons, is treasured across the globe. Its sources span continents, from the verdant landscapes of Kenya, Nigeria, Madagascar, Mozambique, Pakistan, and Zambia to the rich earth of the United States, China, Myanmar, Russia, and Ukraine. Yet, it is Brazil’s vibrant lands that stand as the cornerstone of aquamarine’s legacy, having enriched the world with this mesmerizing gem for over two centuries.

Aquamarine has been enveloped in a myriad of beliefs and powers across diverse cultures, each narrative enriching its mystique. Renowned for its soothing embrace, this gem has long been a beacon of safety for sailors braving the vast seas, a testament to its calming essence.

  • According to ancient Greek mythology, aquamarine was born from the sea itself, gifted by Poseidon, the God of the Sea, who crafted the gem from the essence of ocean waters.
  • Legends whispered among various cultures envisioned mermaid tails shimmering with scales of aquamarine, a vision of underwater beauty and grace.
  • In the ancient Roman realm, fishermen revered the gem as “water of the sea,” a talisman safeguarding their voyages and promising a bountiful catch.
  • Roman healers once sought aquamarine for its purported ability to remedy the excesses of feasting and the discomforts of bloating.
  • Beyond its protective virtues, aquamarine was cherished for its capacity to foster joy and fidelity within marriage, believed to calm the storms of the heart and fortify bonds.
  • This gem’s legendary power to quell tempestuous spirits and avert discord has made it a symbol of enduring harmony and love, especially significant as it marks the 19th wedding anniversary.

In the embrace of aquamarine, couples find a symbol of tranquil waters and uninterrupted journeys, making it an ideal emblem of celebration for those commemorating their 19th year of marriage or honoring a March-born loved one.

Polished Heart-Shaped Aquamarine Loose Gemstone Displayed on Baby Blue Background

The Art of Aquamarine Care: Ensuring Timeless Beauty

Aquamarines, with their serene hues reminiscent of the sea, are not only captivating to the eye but also resilient, scoring between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. While they stand up admirably to daily wear, it’s crucial to remember that they don’t possess the invincibility of diamonds, rubies, or sapphires.

To appreciate their durability, consider this: quartz, which forms the minuscule particles of dust in the air and on surfaces in your home, measures 7 to 7.5 in hardness. These seemingly innocuous particles can wear down the polish of your furniture and the shine of your car. In the world of gemstones, diamonds sit at the pinnacle of hardness with a score of 10, while talc, at the other end of the spectrum, is so soft it can be scratched by a fingernail. Each mineral can only be marred by something of equal or greater hardness, allowing aquamarine jewelry to be enjoyed as an everyday luxury.

Yet, like all treasures, aquamarines thrive under thoughtful care. Keeping your aquamarine jewelry sparkling and pristine is straightforward and rewarding. A gentle wash with mild soap in warm water, followed by a soft brush or cloth, can revive its brilliance. For those with ultrasonic cleaners or steam cleaning machines, these tools offer an efficient way to cleanse your aquamarines, provided the gems are free from any existing damage.

For enthusiasts seeking professional upkeep or a thorough polish to elevate their gem’s splendor, exploring professional Gemstone Services is a step toward preserving the enduring beauty of your aquamarines. Dive into the world of expert care and see your aquamarines reflect the boundless charm of the sea with undiminished luster.

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Unveiling the Mystique and Allure of Breathtaking Bloodstones

March heralds the presence of Bloodstone as its traditional birthstone, a gem steeped in ancient lore and vibrant history.

Once known by the captivating name “heliotrope,” from the Greek for “sun-turning,” this gemstone was believed to possess the mystical ability to alter the sun’s reflection, casting a blood-red hue across the horizon.

Polished Loose Bloodstone Isolated Gemstone

The genesis of its name is as dramatic as the gemstone itself, inspired by the mesmerizing play of colors it exhibits. As the sun dips below the horizon, the bloodstone’s crimson spots glow against its dark green, jasper-like backdrop, evoking the imagery of blood droplets on a verdant field.

The most prized bloodstone are those that boast a lush, green canvas, dramatically contrasted by vivid red veins.

Bloodstone, a variant of chalcedony, mesmerizes with its deep green matrix pierced by iron oxide inclusions that dance like flames in its heart. This gem transcends its earthly origins, offering a glimpse into a world of ancient magic and lore. While often referred to as “Blood Jasper,” it is, in truth, a chalcedony quartz, rich with a palette of dark green shades and adorned with red inclusions that tell tales of old. In the realm of bloodstones, two varieties reign: the translucent heliotrope, with its signature red spots, and the opaque plasma, more subdued yet equally captivating with minimal red markings.

The History and Symbolism of Bloodstones

Nestled within the earth’s embrace, bloodstones emerge as pebbles from the ancient riverbeds and rock formations that cradle them.

These gems, with India as a prominent source, also grace the landscapes of Australia, Brazil, China, and the United States, each stone carrying a piece of the earth’s hidden beauty.

Polished Loose Red Based Bloodstone Isolated Gemstone

Bloodstone, a gem enshrouded in the aura of vitality, courage, and the flush of youth, has woven its way through the tapestry of cultures and ages. Here’s a glimpse into the diverse beliefs and lore that celebrate this remarkable gemstone:

  • Believed to be a vessel of health and eternal youth, bloodstones were said to bolster strength and bestow upon their bearers the mystical power of invisibility.
  • Esteemed as a talisman of luck and vigor, athletes and warriors prized bloodstones for their ability to enhance physical prowess and endurance.
  • In the annals of medieval lore, these stones were thought to neutralize the venom of serpents, offering protection against the deadliest bites.
  • Celebrated as a stone of indomitable courage, bloodstones were revered for their ability to dispel confusion, soothe the spirit, and anchor the mind in clarity.
  • Ground into a fine powder, bloodstones served as a potent aphrodisiac, a practice that endures in certain traditions, echoing the stone’s deep-seated connection to the forces of life.
  • Across cultures, the bloodstone was sought after for its purported healing powers, especially in treating ailments related to blood, from stemming the flow of nosebleeds to enhancing blood circulation and battling various blood disorders.

Marking the 14th wedding anniversary, the bloodstone stands as a symbol of enduring strength, courage, and the rejuvenating spirit of youth. It makes an extraordinary gift, not only for those celebrating a lifetime of love but also for the cherished March-born souls in your life.

The Art of Preserving the Vibrance of Bloodstone

Nestled at a sturdy 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, bloodstones blend the resilience of quartz with a unique susceptibility that beckons mindful stewardship.

While their robust nature renders them perfect for adorning earrings, brooches, and pendants, these gems invite a gentle touch, particularly when fashioned into rings, necklaces, and bracelets that face the daily dance of life.

Sterling Silver Ring with Bloodstone Inlay Photo by Jessa and Mark Anderson Edited by My Jewelry Repair

As guardians of these precious stones, it’s our privilege to ensure they continue to captivate and charm. Bloodstone jewelry, with its profound depth and historical resonance, requires a thoughtful approach to preservation.

Embrace the ritual of care with a tender cleanse using mild soap and warm water, cradled by a soft cloth or brush, to maintain their luster. It’s crucial to shield your bloodstones from the harsh embrace of chemicals, including everyday substances like lotions and sanitizers, and to protect them from the extremes of heat and sudden temperature shifts. The vigor of ultrasonic cleaners and steam machines, while effective for some treasures, is a tale best left untold for bloodstones, to preserve their integrity and splendor.

In the sanctuary of your collection, let each bloodstone piece rest in a haven of soft fabric, away from the potential for scratches and the whispers of time.

For those seeking the expertise of a jeweler’s touch, professional Gemstone Services offer a deeper revival, from cleansing to polishing, ensuring your bloodstones reflect their ancient strength and beauty.

Originally Published March 16, 2023, Updated and Expanded March 1, 2024

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Reviving the Sparkle: Reclaim Your Cherished Aquamarine and Bloodstone Jewels

Contemplating the restoration of a sentimental birthstone jewel that holds countless memories? You’ve discovered the perfect sanctuary for rekindling those cherished moments.

Jewelry, animated by the vibrant life and brilliance of gemstones, often faces the paradox of beauty: as captivating as they are, gemstones are also prone to wear and tear. Whether it’s an aquamarine that’s loosened its grip, a bloodstone that’s vanished, or scratches that dull their once radiant gleam, we’re committed to breathing new life into your precious keepsakes. No matter the gem, no matter the damage, we’re here to ensure your jewelry returns to you radiating with all its original splendor.

Our dedicated team of experts is at the heart of our mission, equipped to meticulously source the perfect gem for your piece. Recognizing the uniqueness of each stone and the specific care it demands, our Professional Stone Sourcing team is devoted to finding the ideal match, ensuring every gem, especially those overlooked, is replaced with a stone that meets the exact standards your jewelry deserves.

Embark on the journey to restore the brilliance and vitality of your Aquamarine or Bloodstone by visiting our Gemstone Replacement Services. Let us help you revive the enduring beauty of your treasured pieces.

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