Movado was founded and created first as LAI Ditescheim & Freres SA in 1881 in beautiful La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland (we’re not mad if you can’t say that three times fast, either). Settling on Movado (which means “movement” is Esperanto) in 1975, this watch has enjoyed some serious staying power. With their new line of “Connect” smart watches, one can bet that their legacy is intact for years to come.

Proving that watches are sometimes seen as a relic from a bygone era, Movado’s trademark is their iconic, single dot at the 12 position -- which many believe symbolizes the sun at its high noon point. Their most popular watch is their “Museum Watch,” which was originally designed by Nathan George Horwitt, who was seriously into Bauhaus.

No matter your Movado, My Jewelry Repair is specially-trained to fix it.

We Specialize in:

Movado Watch Restoration

Have a classic timepiece that’s in need of routine maintenance or refurbishment? We clean and overhaul both quartz and mechanical movements. We also do band and case refinishing, watch band repair, and more. Consider us your complete classic watch restoration service.

Movado Watch Maintenance

In this DIY culture you might be tempted to try a vintage watch repair or a quartz or mechanical watch battery replacement, but do you have the precise tooling to conduct proper pressure (water resistance) testing? That’s what we thought. We’re here to do all the intangibles to keep your Movado watch telling the time accurately and looking amazing while doing it.

Movado Watch Repair

Common Movado watch repairs include band and case refinishing, watch crystal replacement (Sapphire, Glass, and Lunette), gasket replacement, link addition, link removal, watch movement replacement, and stem and crown repair. Our certified watchmakers stay up on their craft, recently earning new Swiss credentials. We mentioned Movado is from Switzerland, right? Our watchmakers also carry countless certifications, including CW21 & SAWTA, and, most recently WOSTEP (Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program) certification. Whoa.

The Easiest Watch Repair Process You’ve Ever Encountered

My Jewelry Repair has this down like clockwork, even though getting a Movado watch repair that looks like it came from a more advanced galaxy doesn’t have to be rocket science. Our online, mail-in process is a seamless marriage of latest technology and time-honored technical skills. Our process is easy. If you’re unable to select the repair you need from our online interface, contact My Jewelry Repair directly today. If you’re not sure exactly what needs to be done, send your Movado watch into us for an estimate -- no commitment required.

Don’t accept any Movado watch that doesn’t shine and operate like new. If yours does anything less, visit today.

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