Before & After #40

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Before & After #40 LeVian Ring Needing Premier Gemstone Replacement and Ring Resizing Services

A LeVian Ring Stone Replacement and Resizing

On this edition of the Before & After Series, we have an amazing 14K Gold LeVian Gemstone Ring with a missing citrine stone. The owner had requested to also have the ring be re-sized, which required a special sizing process.

For this ring repair, we had to:

Ornate rings with this many gemstones require a skilled jeweler, especially when it comes to sizing.

All rings have sizing limitations depending on the design, for example, having different shanks, patterns, gemstones, or engravings. It is always best to defer to an expert for guidance, such as our Master Jewelers here at My Jewelry Repair.

If you would like to read about this common practice of Ring Resizing, feel free to check out our Ultimate Ring Resizing Guide.

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Before #40 Top Down View of Levian Ring Prior to Premier Ring Restoration Services by Expert Jewelers
Before #40 of Levian Ring Prior to Gemstone Replacement and Ring Resizing


After #40 Top Down View of Levian Gemstone Ring Restored and Serviced by Master Jewelers
After #40 Side View of Levian Ring Receiving Professional Gemstone Replacement Services and Ring Resizing

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Before & After #40