Gucci Watch Repair

The house of Gucci has been built by their modern approach to fashion. “Luxury for the 21st Century” is one of their slogans, keeping pace with their eclectic, contemporary, and albeit romantic legacy. My Jewelry Repair specializes in Gucci watch repair and maintenance, maintaining a large national presence without losing our personal touch and unique approach to serving our customers.

Gucci was founded in Florence, Italy by Guccio Gucci (easy name to remember, right?) in 1921. It’s now a billion dollar name synonymous with high fashion.

Gucci makes watches built for life, for sport, and for elegance.

All across the world, Gucci watches get worn on runways and at exclusive gatherings, but they also get worn in the boardroom and on fancy nights on the town. Some people choose Gucci as their everyday timekeeper. No matter what you use your watch for, if you’re going Gucci, it should look and perform its best, right?

But what happens when your Gucci needs service or repair? Send it to My Jewelry Repair via our easy online, mail-in service.


Gucci Combines the Pinnacle of Swiss Movement and Italian Design

And My Jewelry Repair is the pinnacle when it comes to Gucci watch repair. Don’t DIY when it comes to upkeep for your Gucci watch. Even if you need something simple, like a watch battery replacement, you could end up doing serious damage to the movement, compromising the watch, increasing costly damage. You should take a look at the shape some of these things come to us in. But we’re able to make every Gucci watch look brand new again.

We see damaged watches that come to us out of mistreatment, accident or oversight, do-it-yourself gone wrong, and also when simple routine maintenance is in order. We treat every watch the same, no matter if it’s a Gucci or a Timex -- like it’s one of our own.

We Have A Knack for Fixing a Variety of Watch Styles, Including:

  • Dive Watches
  • Aviation Watches
  • Collector’s Watches
  • Fashion Watches
  • Classic Watches
  • Quartz Watches
  • Mechanical Watches
  • Solar Watches
  • Antique and Vintage Watches
  • And, Most Importantly, All Gucci Watches!

Any of these sound like yours? Visit our website at to start your watch repair and maintenance process.

Is Your Gucci All Good?

Even a watch that runs smoothly needs a little upkeep here and there. Each Gucci watch is a precise instrument that needs expert treatment when things go awry.

Diamantissima, G-Chrono, G-Timeless, Gucci Dive, Le Marché Des Merveilles, we can repair any type of Gucci watch you put in front of us. We put our signature touch on each repair, and we maintain complete transparency throughout the process. You’ll always know how the repair is going after you’ve sent it to us.

When it Comes to Your Watch, Have a Gameplan

Don’t simply settle for that kiosk at the mall that tells you how fast they get their work done. Send your Gucci watch to certified watch repair professionals. My Jewelry Repair has operations on the East and West coast for regional service. Choose your repair online, print your materials, pack your Gucci watch in need of repair, and arrange for USPS pick-up. Depending on the watch repair you need, we can have it back to you in as little as 5-7 business days after we start the repair. More demanding repairs will take a bit longer.

Visit today to get your Gucci watch repair started and we’ll get it finished, back to you better than new.